Thursday, May 5, 2011

Interesting Times

So, we hit an all time record flood level Tuesday. This is what our highest road out of our area looked like. Seeing that, there was no question that the other roads towards town were flooded, so we buckled down, gathered the dogs and spent the day inside carefully watching the creek. Fortunately this pic represents the highest the water got before receding.

This morning at 5am, Demon began licking my face and hands. I told him 'no' and growled to let him know to leave me alone, but he kept nudging me with his nose and licking me. Bandit, with his back to mine and his head next to me, growled too, but Demon continued to bother me, which was unusual for him. Normally one 'no' would put him off and he'd go howl forlornly out on the back porch.

So I sit up and look around only to find little Sahara dancing around my room with her tail wagging a mile a minute. Demon had to let me know the puppies had gotten loose and were terrorizing him and the big dogs. So I had to rescue him from becoming a chew toy.

May you live in Interesting Times!

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