Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31st

Happy Birthday! Today is Jim's birthday.

May you go on to feed many more puppy eyed beggars. ;-)

When I returned home from work yesterday it looked like Valkrys had given up, but I'm apparently more stubborn than she is. I could not let her go so easily, and picked her up and stood her by the water dish. When she had drank her fill, Jim and I forced her to take her pills.

She is a notorious no-pill dog, so this is no easy feat. Poor girl was too weak to fight me though, so we were able to get both pills down. An hour later, she even ate two scrambled eggs and kept them down!

This morning she got up and went outside on her own! She even got down the porch stairs faster than we could get there to help her, and went potty. What a good girl! I carried her back inside after a plaintive look at the bottom of the stairs. She may pull through after all!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30th

Yesterday Valkrys developed an inflamed pancreas.
She has always been our special girl, a true heroine, and the smartest dog I have ever known.
At close to 18 years of age, she has lived a long and happy life. As the day progresses, it is looking less likely that she will pull through. She hasn't moved since drinking water last night at 9pm then laying down on her pillow-bed. She refuses water and the scrambled eggs.
It is a sad and anxious day.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29th

The puppygizer strikes again!

Freya was so full of happy energy this morning, she whined when none of the dogs would play with her. So, I got out and played fetch with her for close to thirty minutes. She is such a good pup! She wasn't nearly tired enough though, but work calls and I had to go. Times like these I wish dogs were my only job.

James tells me that even Samantha was out playing with Yukon yesterday, bouncing and jumping around. This makes me happy as she was not very playful when we got her, and at a mere three years old she should still have a lot of puppy play in her. It makes me glad that they all appear to be adjusting well.

Samantha got out last night and apparently went for a swim in the creek. Not sure what she found down there, but she sure did not smell very good. She was good though and came back to Jim when he called her. I was very glad she went for the stream. There isn't much on that side of the house except about a hundred acres of vacant land that the owner uses for hunting, and it keeps her off the roads and out of trouble/away from any of the nearby farms. We found her escape hole and sunk in some rebar on the outside and put down some large rocks on the inside of the fence.

This weekend is housechores, but hopefully next weekend we can get out by the Natural Bridge or Cumberland Falls for a hike. We'll have to see how the chips fall and if the trails allow dogs.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Limited slip collar

These are pictures of the limited slip collar I made for Yukon. The two rings come together when the outside clip ring is pulled. Yukon is a very thick-furred husky, and his actual neck is much much smaller than the circumference of his fur. The old thick red mesh collar he had stayed at a constant circumference and used to ride up to his ears when he laid down, and rubbed the fur up by the base of his ears nearly all off. This new collar relaxes and sits down by his shoulders, but when on lead, prevents him from slipping the collar off without the danger of choking.

I made one for him and one for Demon, as they seemed to try to slip their collars more often. These are not made for tie outs! Both my dogs run in the fenced yard. By their construction, you can see they are quite easily made with the right tools and materials.

Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27

<-Yukon and Freya at our grassy rest stop.

Thinking and analyzing logically this would have been a good place to have turned around and headed back. We could hear the thunderstorms in the distance and may have just reached the truck prior to being drenched. Ah well, this is what hindsight is all about.

In planning for our next adventure, I'm going to be sure to drive the length of the expected route on the road outside of the trails just to get an idea of the longest route in the event we lose the trail and end up on the road for navigation. I'll probably take Samantha and Demon just to make things fair.

This morning Freya was all full of piss and vinegar! She kept dancing, jumping and frolicking all over the place! I think she enjoyed the walk Saturday and was itching for more. I really do need to get that scooter to get her exercised as much as she wants to be! She played fetch with me for a good hour last night, and then wanted to play tussle with Demon. She is quite full of energy all the time and constantly on the go. Almost wish we had a racing kennel for her. She would enjoy that to no end. Sometime this week, we should get the new harnesses and lines, and hopefully it will be cool enough to run them this coming weekend.

July 25

<-Kleber Horse Trail

Got up early to go hiking, and wouldn't you know it? The forecast that said clear morning was WRONG! It was thunderstorming and pouring down rain.

We gathered our stuff anyway and by 9:30ish it cleared up and looked like it was done. So we stopped by the gas station, picked up some fuel, snacks and drinks.

We missed the initial turn off for the trail we wanted to start at, but found the ranger station, and parked there, as it was in view of both the road and anyone that happened to be at the station. (much less likely to be broken in to than back in the remote parking area, not that it was a big concern, but better safe than sorry) I never keep anything valuable in the truck, and we have a radio key starter, but having had vehicles broken in to twice, I'm still a bit paranoid about it.

When we first stopped, I had thought James had ahold of both leashes (he was supposed to hold on to them), but as soon as I opened the back, off jumped Freya and she ran into the woods! Joy... So, grabbing Yukon's lead, I took him to retrieve the puppy. She ran for about 200yds then returned well enough. Phew! So I then handed the leashes to James while I got the rest of our stuff together. Next thing I know, Yukon is loping off in to the woods sans James. He proved to be much harder to recover, and after locking up the truck, we took off to get him. During this trek to get Yukon back, James somehow managed to lose the sports drinks out of the pack, but since we still had plenty of water, that didn't seem to be an issue. Fortunately, after a short stint running around, Yukon headed off down the nature trail we were going to take anyway, so we simply hiked after him. When he had run off his oats, he came back to us, and I picked up his lead. We hiked on from there, but I'm pretty sure the scale on the map was a bit off. By our relative speed, it took us almost two hours to get to the shooting range, which according to the map was a mere 2.5 miles. If the map was correct, we should have reached it in the first 45 minutes. Now I wish I had a GPS with us.

It took us another two hours to hike back to the truck, and by my calculation moving roughly at 3mph would be around 12 miles. This would have been fine, but by the time we reached the shooting range, more thunderstorms started rolling in. Yeah, we got royally soaked, which really didn't do much for our experience. Before leaving I weighed the probability of taking raincoats against the added weight in the pack and decided it was warm enough not to need them, and it was. If we had worn them, we would have been soaked in sweat rather than rain anyway. The rain poured down, but it was quite warm and was a bit refreshing for the first downburst. By the third one, though, it was not refreshing. The dogs seemed to enjoy it though, and we had no choice but to persevere and continue on back to the truck.

Weathermen in this area have a lot of things to learn, and I'm learning they are as reliable as three dollar bills. Fortunately, we had just enough water for the dogs and for us for the long hike we ended up taking. It was an adventure, to be sure.

One highlight was wandering down Harmony Lane, and asking a couple of farmers in a barn if we were indeed headed back towards the ranger station on 368. They conversed a second then confirmed we were heading where I thought we were on the map. I'm not sure if it was a joke, but they said "Hope you stay dry!" as a parting shot. We both laughed and confirmed we were both quite soaked, but at least cooled down from the warm hike. Good thing my direction sense and navigational skills have not yet failed me. Also on Harmony Lane, I found a barred hawk feather that was about thirteen inches in length. I kept it and brought it home.

We were both quite glad to find the truck where we left it, and drove home a bit too tired and wet to go out of our way to a drive-thru for lunch. Yukon and Freya slept most of the rest of the day, tired dogs are happy dogs.

Friday, July 24, 2009

July 24th

Got a good forecast for tomorrow morning, cool and clear then clouding up in the afternoon, so the hike is on!
Yukon and Freya will be going with us again, as they get along well and are fairly easy to control, good dispositions, and not likely to go far away from James and I in the event something happens.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

<- Demon is such a cuddly bear

His fur is so soft, even in his summer coat. He has lost the red guard hairs and split brittle ends he had when I was feeding them the old dog food. The new food, Nutro, has done a lot for their coats and health, that, the biscuits and the dental suppliments have really done wonders for my team.

I've been searching the local area for a butcher that might have non-food grade meat to suppliment their diet in the fall and winter when we can train with them a lot more. Hopefully I'll be able to find one that I won't have to buy too much in bulk at a time, as I don't have a huge freezer yet. Been reading up on the various musher sites on feeding raw and/or supplimenting and there is a lot yet to know. Seeing the opportunities to learn and to work with the dogs makes me wish I was 20 years younger. I've always loved working with animals and dogs especially, and now I wish I had made a career of it back then. Ah well, I didn't have many choices then and not really much in the way of knowing what was available.

But I am terribly glad I've been able to pick up this team, and every day these wonderful dogs make me happy that I have the opportunity to work with them now. They are very loving, great personalities, and hard workers (though I'm sure it is more like fun to them than work).

I'm making plans on going to the WMA site close to us Saturday with my son, Freya and Yukon to see what sort of trails might be available there. Hopefully we will get in a pretty good hike as well, but not sure as there is rain on and off in the forecast. If it isn't too bad, I'll bring the camera along for some pics.

I almost feel official now, I ordered a full set of x-back harnesses and ganglines instead of the carting harnesses and makeshift rigs I have been using. Now that we've caught up all the vet visits, shots, heartworm, and paid off the truck, I'm hoping next month will allow us more leeway after bills to hopefully travel to some fun doggy events and whatnot. First thing to do is to get the dogs used to other dogs and people. Fortunately we have a Humane Society shelter close by that has a nice dog park by the shelter building. They've told me it is open to the public and that it would be a great idea to bring the dogs by to socialize them. So, maybe next weekend we can take a dog or two down there.

What I'm aiming for is some great dogs that not only can pull for fun, but are also great companions, well socialized and that I don't have to worry as much if they get loose. I want to be sure they won't get in to fights with other dogs, and I'm pretty sure they won't have any people problems (mostly because they are shy except Samantha), but do want them a bit more used to having other people around. The vet trip was ok with all but Demon. It was pretty difficult to get him to be still and allow strangers to touch him. Poor boy was shaking scared the whole time and kept trying to hide behind me and get out of the building.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22nd

<-I just love Samantha's smile.

She even gets dimples when she is especially pleased.

Sunday was a rest day for the dogs, and Monday heated back up high enough I was reluctant to run the dogs. Freya, however was not taking no for an answer and kept running to the harness rack and whining. We took all the dogs for a walk in the morning and in the evening, but still Freya wanted more. I really need to get that scooter to get rid of her excess energy! LOL. Playing fetch, tug-o-war, and chase me did not do it. She was driving the old dogs nuts trying to get them to run around the yard with her. The essence of youthful enthusiasm. James has dubbed Freya the Lithium Puppygizer.

I spent the time when not playing with or trying to tire out the puppy mowing the lawn. At the end of the day I was far more tired out than Freya. Never-the-less, she has gotten used to sleeping by 10pm, and like her old fuddy duddy mom, she was sound asleep by the time I went to bed... phew! All the dogs came in and slept in my room Sunday night, even Demon! It was a good breakthrough on his part, and he was actually happy to lay down and sleep by my bed, pushing an annoyed Samantha closer to the door and further away from me than she wanted to be. But she is a wonderful pack-mom, and when I asked her to fetch Freya earlier, she went out and shepherded the puppy in for the night at around 9:30pm. What a great dog Samantha is turning out to be! She looks out for all the pack, including Jim, James and me.

Jim got back yesterday evening from going to his brother's wedding and to our house in NC to pick up some stuff. Samantha was so excited to see him! She stuck to him like glue for over two hours.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19th

Been in the fifties over the weekend mornings, so took the team for a two mile run. It was a rough start, Freya was so eager to get going, she kept jumping, which inevitably put her over the gang line several times, and Samantha and Yukon would turn around annoyed. But once we got that straightened out and Freya still long enough to start, man did they fly!

They did incredibly well! Yukon began to try to pee on a bush, but a quick "Leave it!" put him right back on the road to the tune of "Good Dogs!"

We were down to the junction before you know it, almost wish I had a speedometer. Turning around was a bit of an adventure, the team wanted to keep going down the road, but I knew it was too soon to take them any further. Once I got them straightened out, it was off again! I was so proud! I kept yelling "Good Dogs!" the whole way.

As I suspected, half way up the hill back home, I was assisting, as they began to lose a bit of steam. We were so fast, we passed James before he got around the corner by the bridge. One more time Yukon tried to sniff by the bridge but a quick "Leave it!" got him back on the trail without stopping! What a good boy!

I have to say it looks like my two girls are the work horses and the boys either don't pace themselves, or don't take the return trip nearly as seriously. Samantha and Freya were phenominal!

They all did so well! When we got back, Demon jumped in the kiddie pool while he drank and the others fanned out around him, lapping up the fresh water. As they drank I went around removing their harnesses, checking their paws, and giving each a good rub-down. Samantha seemed a bit stiff on the right hip, so I gave her an extra massage and kept an eye on her. When they all took a nap, I went and got them a special treat, a beef suppliment to go with their food. Since we had worked them a bit longer (stretching the training a little longer every other time), and they did so well I thought a bit of extra protein would help. We fed them a little early as I wanted time to ensure none of them had soft bowls from the suppliment as it had a small amount of broth in the packet with it.

The boys have become accustomed to being indoors now, so I had thought it would be nice to try to let them sleep indoors. Yukon was all for it and laid down to sleep by my bed, but Demon just would not settle. So, I ended up putting them out, ah well. Yukon seems happy to be in my room, sleeping by my feet even now as I write this. Demon, after trying unsuccessfully to do some trash diving has left the room and gone outside. Maybe someday he will be comfortable enough to sleep through the night indoors.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15th

<-note the strategic position by the AC vent

Yukon has decided he is an indoor dog when I am home. He will only go outside when I go outside or leave for work. He hates that I put him out at night and refuses to leave the back door until I let him in. In other words, he sticks to me like glue. Not sure why he seems so 'clingy', but it might be related to his previous experience with losing his owner. Demon, his brother seems much more at ease in or out of the house, oddly enough, since Demon is more shy than Yukon

Yukon sings to me in the mornings, so happy to see me when I let Samantha, Freya, G'kar and Valkrys out. He runs in the door and immediately sarenades me until I cuddle and pet him. Which normally is not more than a couple seconds, as he is so irresistably cute when he sings. When I pet him, he rests his chin on my arm or shoulder and leans in to me, so absolutely trusting and loving. I told James that is the way he 'hugs' me. He would stand like that forever if I could pet him that long, and Demon would not try to get between us. Jealous fuzzy bear!

It doesn't take long for Demon to try to wiggle between my morning hugs with Yukon. He has gotten quite bold since he has been de-wormed and fed well. He will even let James approach him now, but only when I'm there for him to lean against. He has been mostly accepting of Jim, and will sometimes even come to him without the benefit of his brother's presence or mine. Yukon, conversely will come to either Jim or James even for just a pat on the head, but mostly for belly rubs or snacks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blanket Nabber!

Sooo cute, but so full of mischief! Freya should have been a boy and named Loki! Last night, she snuck a nap on Valkrys' soft pillow bed. She loves it so much she wants to eat it! In between her love nibbles, she lays either all on it, or when Valkrys is there, only her head or half of her on it. When she followed me and the other dogs to my room she was somewhat disappointed that there was no Valkrys pillow in my room, so she made her own. I have a plush fuzzy blanket with wolves on it that I cover my bed with when it is cold. Freya decided it made a reasonable pillow substitute, pulled it part-way off the bed, and laid down on it.

July 14th

<-new neckline

<-Wallet cover

Yup spent a lot of time Saturday and sunday on those two items.

dogs were all playful this morning, Yukon could not get enough of his belly rubs and kept going between me and James and flopping down and rolling on his back. It was rather amusing for such a normally stoic dog. Yukon is usually the calm one that sits back and watches the others get petted, but he also loves his cuddles and belly rubs.

Took G'kar on the walk with Demon and Freya while James got Yukon and Samantha. He was so thrilled to be allowed to roam with the pack and never complained once at any of the other dogs for getting in his way. No growls, no roughs up, he was fantastic and had a great time with Demon and Freya, so we will probably take him with from now on. He was winded when we got back, but he was ecstatic! A few more long hikes with him and he'll be back in stride I think. We didn't run that far considering his age, so walked most of the way, which for G'kar was a good thing. I'm thinking of having him drafting a water cart when we go to events. This will make him feel useful and included and not put too much strain on his old bones.

Freya was so silly, she was yelping and whining when Samantha and Yukon got ahead. She just loves to run! She will surely be a wonderful sled dog when she is fully grown!

Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13th

Hot lazy humid weekend. Spent most of it indoors working on leather stuff for the pups and for my husband. The dogs are getting very playful, and I spent a lot of time playing with them, tug-o-war, chase me, paws, fetch with G'kar, and now Yukon and Freya are loving the fetch game. Samantha even got in to the tug game, and spent some time playing with the rope toys and knotted rags. (When we have a rag that we don't mind the dogs chewing on, we put a knot in it and give it to them knot first, that way they have learned that things with knots in them are ok to chew and things without knots are off-limits. I've used this system for almost twenty years and it works pretty well. The dogs get to chew or tear apart things that please them without damaging socks, shoes, or other things you don't want teethmarks in. For some reason, some dogs are not happy until they can rip something to pieces. Old rags seem to satisfy this craving without having to buy stuffed toys every month or so.)

Took the four pack out for a walk since it was too hot and humid to run them. I usually walk Demon and Freya since they both trust me and come to me when I call, and James walks Samantha and Yukon. But Yukon and Samantha were a bit much for James to handle since they were full of energy from not being run, so I took them and let James handle Demon and Freya. Samantha found something nasty to roll in and before I could stop her, she was smelling like a rose... (if your idea of rose is a carcass rotting in the sun that is....) At least I kept Yukon from doing the same, so we only had one dog to wash instead of two.

Made a new swivel neckline from a 1 3/4" 8 oz. strap by folding it in half and sewing it along the length, then running it through the clasp swivels and sewing the end back to the base. The other project is a tri-fold wallet for Jim. On it I've carved a winged lion which I've dyed white on a blue background, and stamped his initials on the back. My leather cement is apparently still in NC, so I'll probably have to sew it without cementing it first. Pics will come in a bit.

Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10th

<-Love the big grins

All the dogs have learned the words "Bone Time" incredibly quickly. One mention sends them careening out on to the deck and jumping excitedly at the bin where we stash the bones (biscuits).

For some reason G'kar was feeling neglected, and whined at my feet every time I pet one of the other dogs. Poor old boy, I think he wants to harness up with the young'uns. I spent some time petting just him, and even got him to smile. James spent some time petting him too, which made him feel a bit better.
My husband says Samantha is just like me, stubborn as all get out. I think she takes after him... :P

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9th

<-Couch Potato-2

Mifi is my savior! At long last we might be able to break free of the prison of internet hell! Our dead zone will be dead no longer! So long 1900ms latency satellite crap!

Tested out the mifi this morning and was able to log in to work! No more midnight trips if I can help it!

Now the trick is to keep on-line time to a minimum to ensure chores are done, dogs are trained and played with and the family time doesn't suffer. No easy feat.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 8th

Freya was full of herself this morning! Rompy, chewy, frolicky puppy!

She has also been working on her super-secret tunnel with which she hopes to earn her freedom to chase any squirrel she chooses. James' counter-intelligence unit has placed a stone in her way.

Frustrated our industrious siberian comrade has devised another plan to escape the chain link curtain. She was busy digging another tunnel to freedom on the other side of the gate. Unfortunately, she forgot that it is easily visible from her other attempt at freedom and will very soon be spotted by the Killjoy Guard Boy and her plans will be foiled again. Surely this oppression cannot last forever! Our heroine has decided to disarm the KGB by acting like an overly cute canine. Surely he would not suspect an innocent smile and a low howl! Just look at those puppy eyes!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7th

Demon is such a loveable goofball!

This morning he was again playing with his biscuit, and he knew I was watching him and hammed it up quite a bit. Exaggerating his pounce and pawing at the biscuit, he really made me wish I had picked up that digital video cam!

He has been much less skittish around Jim, and even comes to him now sometimes without Yukon being there. I can tell he is feeling better than he has in many months, as he is increasingly happy and content, and not rattled as easily as before. This morning he was happy and playful and kept bouncing playfully towards me, asking me to chase him. I gave in for a little while, even though I was late. I had received a bunch of alarm reports at 2:30am, and drove in to work to check on my equipment. Didn't get back to bed until 5am, so slept in.

Samantha was not happy when I went back to sleep, because I did not let her sleep on the bed with me. But, I have to draw the line somewhere, she has gotten rather pushy, and needs to be shown some of the boundaries she is not allowed to cross.

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6th

Demon was so silly this morning, throwing his biscuit then pouncing on it, then pawing it, then jumping stiff legged around it before finally settling down to eat it. I'm so happy he is feeling so well and playful now. He has always been a bit of a goofball, but now even more so. He is still a bit shy of Jim and James, but getting less and less skittish as the days go by.

When he was done eating, he came in for a hug before running off to play with Freya who was frolicking around the porch with the Kong toy. All the dogs were brimming over with energy and playfulness, even the old farts G'kar and Valkrys. Fifty-eight degrees out made them all very happy, and me wishing once again I didn't have to run off to work.

I keep thinking about how the real folks on some of these shows like Deadliest Catch become heroes. What makes one person a hero over another? I'm pretty sure in this case it is the willingness to risk life and limb for the chance at fortune, but that alone does not make them admirable. The fact that these captains care about their crews and their fellows is what makes them real to the viewers and make their trials and tribulations wrench our hearts and bring cheers as they are successful. There are very great lessons in this to bring to the writing table. Not just in who these people are, but in how the public perceives them and how they became who they are.

Of course all this brings around my old girl Valkrys, our very own heroine. What she did when she saved my son's life was extraordinary. But I have to go back and think, was it something any other dog would have done? I have to answer this as no, because our lab mix didn't even seem interested in what was going on. What makes one dog a hero above another, or human for that matter? Was it in Valkrys' blood to be heroic or was it that she was raised with James? Again, knowing our other dog Thor was raised with James as well, I'd have to rule it as not as important. If it is in the blood (or genetics to be more scientific), then could she have acted any other way, or was she destined to act that way? The same question is relevant to humanity. How much does environment over genetics influence the path a person chooses? Deep questions to ponder as I continue to work on 'Valkardain (Sorrow's Bane)'.

July 5th

The party Saturday night was a blast... literally. The fireworks were awesome, even though one blew up on the ground. There were some great stories passed around and I met a bunch of new folks that were pretty nice. Got trounced in "Corn Hole" (a game that crosses horseshoes with bean-toss), had some awesome beef brisket and assorted dishes, just all around good time.

Demon has been feeling much better, and playing with his biscuit before eating it now, no longer scarfing down hair and assorted other things that are not meant to be food. I think he is happy finally being full after eating. He certainly had a lot more energy Sunday, playing with Freya for a long time before getting tired out. He spent the rest of the day lieing at my feet while I nursed my sore ankle (from standing most of the day on my wounded foot) and watched Deadliest Catch marathon. I love that show, and snow crab has always been my favorite food.

Being a writer, I was intrigued as it hit me, no one would know the names of the boat captains if they never made that show. No one would really care beyond a pitying moment for the folks who give their lives for the 'modern day gold rush'. Their stories would have been unknown, yet since the show, these folks have become heroes. I began thinking of other folks who touch our daily lives, who risk all or very much for the things we have or covet. There are many heroes in our lives which we will never even know their names, and yet there is a distinct thought of how the fame has changed things.

I also began thinking of how interesting it would be to see a show about some of the top names in dogsledding and how they prepare for the races, what obstacles they face. I'm sure it would be every bit as interesting to me at least.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 3rd

<- Happy Dogs!

Cloudy and cool! As soon as I grabbed the harnesses, the dogs were yelping with excitement and running back and forth to the gate! Took them down across the bridge and almost to the mini-train turn off before Yukon just had to sniff something off the road...

Samantha resisted at first, but whatever had attracted Yukon finally sucked her in and off the road they went! Around a tree twice, and Demon decided this was the perfect opportunity to shrug out of his harness and go for a stroll through the woods... Don't ask me how he managed to shrug out of it, he is an escape artist that would do Houdini proud. James finally caught up and I gave him Demon's harness and lead so he could look while I got Samantha, Yukon and Freya back to the house.

Herding the dogs back around was an adventure, but I managed to untangle Samantha and Yukon and finally get them pointed in the right direction and running back towards the house, which they did rather well, only stopping by the bridge for a sniff at something Samantha wanted to roll in. Finally Got them back to the house, and put safely in to the yard before grabbing my keys and taking the truck out to look for Demon. Jim grabbed Samantha and his car and came along to help look. I picked up James and we searched for a bit and then I drove him back to the house in case Demon came home.

Back out, Jim had already found Demon and he was trotting back along the road, happy as a pig in... well you know... At first he didn't want to come to me, skittish as ever, but with Samantha on the leash he would come close, but not close enough to catch. In frustration I acted as if I had a treat and lured him in close enough to grab his collar. Jim loaded Samantha back in his car, but as soon as he did, Demon jumped in behind her. Well, that was easy...

Got them all back home and checked their paws for wear. Samantha's looked a bit worn, but no raw or tenderness, the rest looked fine. Treats and rubdowns given out, then a good long drink of ice tea.

Got a party to go to later, and with tired pups it is unlikely James will have problems watching them. He shot off all our fireworks with the neighbor kids last night, so is invited to watch them fire off theirs tonight, so he will have fun and something to do too.

Yesterday we got Demon and Yukon to the vet, and good thing. Demon apparently had whipworms for some time before we got him, one of the reasons he was so underweight. Good news is that we had gotten him up to 48 pounds from about 25, and we got him a de-wormer, so he should fill out nicely once he's gotten rid of the worms. Both dogs got their shots up to date and Yukon got a clean bill of health. They were feeling a bit under the weather yesterday evening, but this morning were bright and playful in the cooler weather.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2nd

3am... why does he have to pee at 3am?

G'kar pokes me with his nose at 3am, licking my hand and whining to go out....

I tell him to lay down and go back to sleep, but well, he has to go, so keeps bugging me. Sigh... so I do what any half asleep grumpy mother would do. I put on my robe, stumble to the door, let the dogs out, and go wake up my son to let them back in. Ok maybe that was harsh on the boy, but he should have made sure the pups went pee before putting them in my room, right?

The 5am alarm goes off and I feel like crap, so turn it off and roll over, hoping for another hour of sleep before I have to get ready for work. The dogs have already been out, so not true urgency. Samantha is a bit miffed that she got her bone an hour late, so she gobbles hers down and steals Freya's bone almost starting a knock down drag-out fight. There is certainly a lot of growling and posturing going on, but fortunately no teeth. Freya now is peeved, and comes to me complaining in her low howl. So, I give her some peanut treats and she is happy again (the dogs prefer the peanut treats over the bones, so Freya thinks she got the better of the deal). James hears all the commotion and gets up. I wasn't going to wake him seeing as he was up at 3, but I'm sure as soon as I walk out the door he'll be back in bed.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1st

<- Wish I could sleep like that.

Foot/ankle still hurting, but not as bad as yesterday. One of the boys was howling at 4:40am, and as soon as I rolled over to look at the clock, Samantha had jumped up next to me on the bed for a belly rub, so I figured she wanted out as well.

For those of you who don't know, rolling out of bed with a 47lb. husky on the covers is a challenge, especially one that is desperately trying to get you to continue to rub her belly. Trying to convince her to move is not very successful, and shoving a conditioned athlete from a laying down position is bound to end up badly. Wriggling out from under the covers on to the pillow is tough for a 44 year old person, and probably looked pretty silly. Good thing there was no one there to watch...

Freya's right eye was shut this morning, so I tried to see if she had something in it or had injured herself. Another challenge presented itself in holding down an active wiggly puppy who does not want you to touch her face. Several iterations of grabbing and holding on to her made some really colorful language appear. Ten minutes later and almost sitting on her, I managed to pry her eyelid partially open. The eye looked reasonably ok as far as she let me look at it, which wasn't much, so she probably scratched it playing or had something stuck in it. Will keep a close watch on her and the eye for the next couple of days.
Freya's eye was fine by the time I got home, so nothing to keep worrying about. Tried to romp a little with the boys, but ended up making my wound bleed again. :( So spent some quiet time just petting them after putting in bactine and re-bandaging.