Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Life Little Kona

I'll miss this little cutie pie. She was a joy to have around. Despite her younger apparent air-headedness, she grew into a very responsive and intelligent pup. She picked up on house training and the beginnings of show training very quickly. One thing about her I loved was that she had a soft mouth, no finger snapping. When you have a baker's dozen of dogs running around, soft mouth puppies are a relief. She was always an eager cuddler, and loved being touched and held.

Kona's new home is with my friend and fellow musher at Mountain Forest Siberians, so I know she will have a good life of running and perhaps showing.

We met up with our friend at the Red Crow Council Pow Wow. Although we missed the dancing, we did see the council cerimony and munched out on some buffalo burgers. I picked up two very cool shirts from my favorite t-shirt company (The Mountain), and Jim got an eagle ring. I'm kind of glad we missed the heat of the day, and the reason we missed the dancing was that two dancers had heat exhaustion. 95 degrees and somewhere around 80% humidity was wretched.

Since Jim is 1/8 Cherokee of the Tusquahanna tribe, we were invited to attend the Pow Wow next year. It sounds exciting, and I certainly hope we are able to make it.

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