Thursday, August 11, 2011

Futures Lost

It has been a rough year for us and hard decisions had to be made. With the advent of Bandit's seizures, we have decided to ensure the double recessive gene is not passed on. Friday (tomorrow) our last viable male, Yukon, is scheduled to be snipped. Freya will be spayed in the not too distant future. Our hopes of a foundation from them has crumbled.

Princess now becomes our hope for a racing line, but the male we choose for her will have to be extraordinary. Hopefully this coming racing season I'll be able to see some great purebred lines, as I hope to make some of the sled races up north. With a bit of luck, we will be able to find and negotiate a select future breeding for her, or find a male pup from an extraordinary racing litter. The timing will need to be perfect though, as my husband does not want to get another dog until our old man passes on. That may be some time from now, though, as he's healthy and going strong at 15.5 years and still loving life. I'm so glad we've been able to give him such a great and long life here with us.

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