Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blue Grass Classic Scorcher

This weekend was a very fun weekend for me, and a great learning experience. My thanks to Shadetree Siberians for allowing me to handle Snickers, inviting me to Mary's party, sharing food, fun and good times! It was very enjoyable, moreso than doing it all alone. It was good to see many familiar faces, see some gorgeous dogs and new breeds. I'm sorry to hear of those who succumbed to the heat, it was a real test of fortitude! Scorching hot Thursday through Sunday, and cold moving in on Monday (I thought it felt great, but most thought it was freezing). I got to meet and talk to/with some great people and made some good friends. In the dog world, I think this was the most fun and best time I've had showing.

Snickers made Reserve in breed for all three days I showed her. Thursday (someone else showing her), she even made BOS! She is such a beautiful puppy! She has the most wonderful, outgoing and loving personality! She loved every minute of being at the show, even after 4 long days in excruciating heat (plenty of water and rest in AC when not in the ring) and one in temps that make huskies sing. Even the 100+ degree temps only slightly dampened her happiness! If ever there was a temperment I would strive for in a husky, Snickers embodied that temperment!

I think we are very fortunate that Bandit made it through the 100+ degree day Saturday without a seizure. I had been quite worried he would have one since we still weren't sure if they were caused by overheating or just the jerky treats. I think Saturday was the true test. So I will attempt to train him normally this fall, only once a week to see if he has any seizures then move to more. There hasn't been a morning yet below 50, so still waiting for a day in the 40's or below to start his training.

Samantha and I went for a mile run this morning at 5:15 am. I was eager to try out the new collar lights I got at the show, dug out my head band light, put the reflective harness on her, hooked her up to me, and off we went. The collar light was super! It helped light the road ahead of us and really made the only car we saw slow down a lot! Samantha still didn't pull hard, but she did much better than our first run! I think after a few more runs, she'll get the hang of what I'm asking of her and be more enthusiastic about pulling just me, because I'm certainly not faster than she is! Tomorrow if it is still cool, I'll get Yukon and Bucky out on the bike.

The training plan for me, is Canicross every other morning, and bikejoring when the weather is cool enough. Ideally it will be canicross-bike-canicross-bike-canicross-bike-bike (or cart-cart if the weather is below 50) for every week up until the race at the end of October. I hope I can take it, as I know the dogs love it!

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