Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer musings

Returning to our kennel is a Freya daughter, Velvet (Meecha as she was known in her former home).  Like so many who have been affected by the horrible economy, Velvet's family found themselves unable to stay in their country home, and mournfully contacted us.  Hopefully there will come a time when she can rejoin them, but meanwhile, she has made herself at home here. 

Velvet is so very much like her mother, smart, built for speed, athletic, and more than her fair share of intelligence.  After close to a month of feeding her premium food spiked with homecooked, vitamins, fatty skins and honey, she is up to optimal weight and even more energetic than she was previously.  I can't wait to put her in harness once the weather cools off.

Speaking of which, it has been a record breaking summer heat here.  Bleh!  I really need to move someplace colder...

Bandit has been doing well so far, and this weekend he gets his microchip.  This will be a bit of a relief knowing he will have his medical information on file so that if he ever gets out or lost somehow, and if they scan his chip they will immediately know he needs medication.  Bandit is thrilled to have his little sister back, and loves playing with her.  Velvet's best buddy, though, is Ghost, who isn't so little any more.  He is a gorgeous nearly grown boy!  With a small break in the heat, I can start preparing him for the Lexington show.  He has the freeze down pat, but needs work on stacking and heel.  He's pretty smart though, so I know it won't take him long.

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