Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cooling Off

So far we've had two training runs, one for 1 mile, and the second for 2 miles.  Velvet has taken Princess' place while she is recovering from being spayed.  I now have a full 4 team that I won't have to worry about heats or pregnancy keeping me from any races.  Velvet stepped up to the challenge of running with the race team with gusto and enthusiasm, and like her mother and father is proving to be a great asset.  If only she was as big and strong as Bandit.  Strength and endurance were a little on the low side last year, so I plan on building more of both this year.  With Velvet's smaller size though, strength is still going to be an issue.  To work on this, I've created a grass course I plan on running when it is cool enough.  With the greater resistance of the grass track, I hope to encourage a better strength and stamina than in previous years. 

I also have a place where I can run a longer course to build a bit more distance endurance this year, but it is a bit of a drive, so will probably only be able to run it on weekends or sneak in a run on wednesdays when I take Ghost to show classes (at the same place)  Due to changed finances, I have a limited racing budget this year, so will only be planning a limited amount of events.  Having fun with my dogs is still my #1 priority, so we will be planning to hit up events with a larger fun factor.

Been working on getting the RV roof redone, and though it is a lot of work, I think this time we will be in good shape once I'm finished.  We still have a long way to go considering what I had to work with.
Here you can see quite a bit of the corrosion that was underneath the rubberized coating.  I've had to take a steel brush to it to clean it away before putting down primer.  I've probably got about half done before I had to cover the RV back up because of the rains.  Hopefully it will be clear enough to continue working on it come Thursday.

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