Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Truck Troubles and Always Something

Again it looks like our racing season will be cut short this year. This time, my trusty and dependable truck has decided to not be so trusty or dependable, so it is time to find a replacement. Adding to our worries, Velvet appeared to have a bout of some nasty sickness over the weekend (canine flu?) where she had diarrhea and vomiting, but a couple of doses of Parvaid and Vibactra seemed to straighten her out over-night. She is now back to her fun loving energetic self.

I love this remedy, and with my herbal knowledge will attempt to duplicate the results so I don't have to pay over a hundred dollars for about $.50 worth of tinctures. I could very likely improve it as well, but it will have to be very cautiously done.

I did get Freya and Yukon out on the sled on the little bit of snow we had.  It was quite fun, though the snow was a bit wet and sticky to go very far.  Unfortunately we had a warm weather swath come through, and now all the snow is gone again.  This bodes ill for the growing season again.  I fear worse droughts are on the horizon, so am trying to gear up our sustainable agriculture this year as much as possible.  We plan on getting some breeding rabbits to help feed the dogs and ourselves as well as an aquaponics system to grow vegetables, tilapia, and possibly red-claw or other crawfish (by necessity this means investing in a greenhouse with a woodstove heater/possibly gassifier as well).  So this coming year will be a lot of investment on our sustainability for our farm.

I also hope that our orchard will finally start producing.  This should be the first year of our fruit crop.  With the trees growing on the lowland next to the creek, I'm hoping that even in drought their roots will find the water table and survive.  If they start to look a little dry, I'll be employing a pump and hose to get water to them from the creek.  At least behind our house, there is a tiny spring that feeds into the creek, so though it has gone very low at times, there has always been water there.

Next month, since we are probably not going to be able to make races, I will be taking Ghost to the show ring.  He has been doing fairly well in his classes, and I'm starting to get back in to the groove.  Hopefully together, we will come together as a good team and he will get the points he needs for his championship.  He is such a gorgeous guy!

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