Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Street Sledding!

Well, we started out off-road, honest!  Princess went half-way down the hill, then took an abrupt left, despite my screams of GEE!  GEE! GEEEEEEEE!! OOF!  Several bruises later, I got back on the sled, but you can't turn a sled on pavement!  By this time we had already gone a mile down the road where there were no trails to jump off on to.  How do you get them back to the trail?  Well, you jump back on the runners, for as long as you can stay upright, then kind of drag until the dogs finally stopp pulling you down the road.  Did I mention you can't turn a sled on pavement?

Today I am sore and my skin has several new spots of purplish red.  Not my prefered mottling, but I suppose it could have been worse.  No broken bones, and no hurt doggies, and for that I'm grateful.

This morning marks the first day of full non-comercial food for my pups.  I feed them a home-mixture of chicken leg quarters, beef liver, oats (for bowel movement/fiber), raw eggs, raw honey, organic vinegar, organic no-fat plain yogurt, no-fat cottage cheese (for flavor and calcium) and a couple blueberries (since they can't let me eat breakfast with blueberries without giving them one or two each).  This is an incredible ballet of making the food in 12 bowls, alternating crating and feeding, and rotating and separating.  A dance I'll perform daily for my beloved pack, may I be worthy of their love. 

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