Monday, February 17, 2014

Lots of Snow!

Amazingly enough, we have had a lot of snow in Kentucky this year!  Enough to actually do some sledding!
Velvet's 2nd time in lead

Have to say it was amusing to see how Velvet handled lead position.  I think she will be as good or maybe even better than her mother, Freya.

Ghost is now entered in the TN specialty and the cluster next month, so hopefully he will get the points he needs for his Championship.  I will be doing a lot of work with him in the upcoming weeks to get him ready.

Back at the Nationals:  Chilly Takes a Walk
So I was feeding Ghost on the porch again, and we were gearing up to go see Cathy in the main hall.  We were going to take Chilly with us so she could 'help her momma shop'.  (Those of you who know Cathy and Chilly, this is a common occurrence, and the highlight of Chilly's day.  I told Alayna to hold up while I finished taking care of Ghost and get him back in his crate, so went outside to pick up what he hadn't eaten, and brought him back in the room.  After getting him settled in, I turned around to get Chilly, and there was no sign of her.  The door was wide open and panic smote through me.  Chilly is Cathy's baby girl and I would never forgive myself if anything happened to her!

In a panic, I had Alayna go one way around the hotel and I went the other frantically calling out to Chilly!

Meanwhile, Chilly decided to go shopping.  She strolled down the hallways she knew led to where Cathy was as if she belonged there.  One thing held her up though, the smell of Bacon!  She wandered in to the restaurant, trying to convince patrons that she was a poor starving stray, and she would be ever so grateful for a bite of bacon!

Two lunatics ran frantically around the hotel screaming "CHIIILLLYYYY!  Come here Chilly!" with fear rising in their guts (the hotel is next to a very busy highway on one side and bordered the freeway on the other!  In dismay I rounded the last corner expecting to run in to Alayna, but she was markedly silent and not there.  The only thing running through my mind was "oh god, now I lost the girl and the dog!  So I asked around in the lobby to see if anyone had seen a dog or a smallish girl!  Getting looks like I was the Boston strangler was very uncomfortable.  No one had seen either.  In a panic I ran down the other side of the hotel yelling "CHHIIILLLYYY!  ALAAAAYNA!"  I ran around the outside of the building just in case, but no one out there walking their dogs had seen either of them.  Finally in dismay, I checked back in the room and there was Alayna with Chilly!

She told me the Chilly had wandered in the restaurant, and was fed and caught by someone there.  As soon as Alayna ran by yelling for her, they realized Chilly must be the object of her search and handed her over.  Much relieved, we brought a smug yet satisfied Chilly to her mom to go shopping.

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