Thursday, September 18, 2014

Heimdahl (Heimy)

Heimdahl is another addition to the pack.  We took him in after he had been rehomed by his breeder twice unsuccessfully.  He's a very sweet but mischievous boy, and too smart for his own good. He'll fit in here just fine, I think.  I was hesitant to take him in due to the issues we've had between Moony and Velvet, but he's made a good companion for Velvet, and they wear each other out.  Heimy is good natured, but does exhibit jealousy. We are currently breaking him of the displays (little fits), but it is taking patience and love to show him he will get equal attention, food, or space with the other dogs without him nipping at them and yowling.

To do this, we don't give  him attention or food until he is sitting still and behaving.  He then gets treats and attention.  He is improving greatly, and only does it during feeding time now. (which we are working on)  Other than that, he gets along with everyone and they all like to play with him now and again.  He and Velvet have become inseparable, and he idolizes and sleeps by Ghost when he can.

We've only  had one good day of mushing this year, and I wanted to see how Velvet could do.  Her injuries may sadly prevent her from going on the racing team, which breaks my heart as much as hers.  I had to sadly cut short the run and take it very easy on the way back to the house.  I will work with her therapeutically solo to see if she will improve, so we will see, but it is unlikely she will be on the team this year.  I'm very sad about this, as she is an incredible little dog and I had high hopes she would make as great a leader as her mother, Freya.

So far we are planning on going to Bristol to pick up a new Outlaw rig (new to us), and the Farm Park Challenge part 2.  There is a good chance we will also make the Fair Hill Challenge, Mackinaw Mush if they have it, and an as yet undetermined race in February and one in March.

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