Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last night we managed to make it to the class. Princess was full of energy and rearing to go (she didn't get her prior to class walk to calm her down), which generally means she was a bit unruly at first. This of course had me a bit flustered, so was probably giving her some wrong clues until corrected by our instructor.

Princess wore herself and me out, but once she was settled enough not to gallop every time I started out, she did great! She knows her stuff, and is getting much better about being touched by other people for reasons other than petting (judges checking her bite, her structure and whatnot). She loves to get petted and freely gives kisses, but isn't so fond of being poked and prodded. She sometimes tries to shrink away from unwanted contact. She started doing it yesterday, but a quick correction and a couple minutes with our instructor and she stopped shying away.

She really is a great pup, and judging by her reaction in harness will make an even greater sled dog! I have no doubt she is probably one of the most intelligent dogs I've had, and after having great intellects like Susie and Valkrys, that's saying a whole lot! She is at least as smart as Freya, and far less of a wild child. She is going to be a tremendous leader if she chooses to lead.

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