Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 8th PhD And I don't mean the degree...

The whole house was quiet, just a lot of sleeping dogs and I. Jim and James went to visit Jim's parents, and this is what we did while he was gone. (Yes Buck was really sleeping in that position lol). The week of the 30th was spent gettin all my work caught up and getting ready for the Blue Grass Classic. I had meant to go to class on Tuesday, but ended up with a massive headache.
The show started on the 2nd, and we arrived there bright and early.

Believe it or not, Princess was really enjoying herself although it is hard to tell in this pic. She doesn't like me messing with her back legs...

Yes, that was a dogshow, no, me wear a dress? Preposterous! Oh wait...

Princess and I had a great time, met some wonderful people and dogs, and got some more experience. Princess was so cute, every day as soon as she saw me finish my shower and get dressed, she would run from me to the door and whine until we left for the show. 5 days of primping, showing, and hanging out. She is such a pretty girl! We didn't win any majors, but got blue ribbons for her class, and it was great experience.

Princess LOVED all the attention and just had to be in the center of things all the time. If I took her out of the central tent she would whine unless we met up with some people or did something fun. She's such an attention hound! When she thought she could get away with it, she'd play shy hoping to get a treat. If it was for sure she wasn't going to get one, she was miss social.

Unfortunately though, when I got back to work, those days I missed caught up with me.

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