Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bikejor with Moon Dancer and One on One with Bandit

Saturday I decided to help my husband exercise his puppy Moon Dancer (she's getting on the chubby side), much to her delight! Moony loves to mush, but gets left out a lot because of her hernia (Samantha pulled a little hard on her umbilical, and though it is healed, Jim still worries far too much about it). I tried to get Ace connected up too, but she still doesn't want to run, so I ended up taking her back in to the house and going solo with Moony. She did great, and I was careful to get her to turn around after just under a mile. I think I'll start taking her out with Princess. Sunday I had Bandit out in harness connected to me, and a leash so I could help turn him for some Gee-Haw training. We jogged (I should say Bandit jogged and I tried to keep my legs under me) around the side-yard/field as I would suddenly call out Gee or Haw. Bandit did really excellent, and each time he turned I would tell him good Gee and give him a piece of hot dog (we get a 5 lb bag of them for really cheap, chop them up, toast them, and use them for training treats). Only once on Gee and once on Haw did I have to give him a gentle turn reminder with the leash. He knew what to do already, it was simply re-enforcement training for him, something I hope to repeat at least two to four times a month during the off-season with him. On the schedule is a lot of hiking and possibly some camping in between show weekends.

This morning (Friday) I saw an amazing sight, something that has never happened before. Samantha was PLAYING with G'kar!!!!! I was thrilled to see this, as it was the first time ever they've faced each other playfully instead of posturing! I guess she is finally getting out of the estrogen driven Alpha female mode! It is a happy day!

On the other hand though, Freya has been unusually clingy and howls/whines/complains when I leave my desk where she likes to hide beneath me. If she has to go out, she whines and howls at me until I go outside with her. She's getting really big and I'm hoping it is only from large puppies and not a big number of them. Guess we will find out next week when she goes for her pre-natal. (gotta poke Jim to get him to make her an appointment.)

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