Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gearing up for Murphreesboro

Saturday was rainy so we went out and got more material for our rennovations. Wood laminate flooring for our dog entranceway which I hope to start putting down the weekend of the 19th. This coming Saturday though, is the Music City Dryland Challenge. So we are gearing up to head down to Murphreesboro, TN for probably the last race of our season. After that, I'll be putting Princess back in show classes to gear up for the upcoming show season.

She's really turned into a lovely dog with a very sweet personality. Every night she curls up behind me and puts her head by mine. If I roll or move away from her, she scoots up until she can touch me again and goes back to sleep. I know it is normally not a good thing to encourage, but she still knows she's a dog and does doggy things and knows her place in the pack. On cold winter nights, it feels good to have a warmer on my back.

I sometimes forget that I'm aging, but can't deny that all the abuse I've put myself through while younger feels the weather. I wouldn't have it any other way though. I've lived life to the fullest, had a lot of great times and adventures, tales of swordfights and worldly travels, campouts and facedowns with wild beasts. I've been a lot of places and seen a lot of things. But of them all, working with my dogs gives me the greatest satisfaction. It is that piece I'd been missing but never knew it.

The dogs love it too, and give me their all. Afterwards they are satisfied with a frozen meat snack, and then they get to lounge and reflect while the real work begins for me. Out to the yard to clean up poop, then work on the house. My husband has really embraced working with the dogs too and has started making gang lines, snub lines, and other paraphanalia that will be useful at events. This has also made me happy that he enjoys my hobby and helps with it. He has become as attached to Moon Dancer as I am to Princess, and we both are attached to all the dogs, which is a big switch for him. The dogs used to be all 'my' dogs, now they are 'our' dogs.

Saturday it began to snow after we got back, but it wasn't sticking to the ground, so we went about our chores. Sunday the snow and rain had stopped, but not enough snow to fix up and run with the sled, so I got out the cart and ran the race team. Bandit threw a bootie before we started, but kept the right rear one on the whole run. Bucky did the run with both booties on the rear the whole run. Thank goodness I don't have to order new booties for the race, and both dogs feet were in good shape, no ground down nails. I have to admire them, their feet are tough as nails, and if it weren't for grinding the toenails, they could run twice as long as I take them.

Last night (monday) it snowed again, but still the warmer weather taunts us by melting the layers before. Each time they predict more than two inches, the storm misses us, only dusting the landscape which melts the next day. Jim is all for moving further north. Me too, but gotta go where the jobs are.

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