Thursday, March 17, 2011


Once again, Freya has delivered some very stunningly marked puppies on March 16th. There are 2 dark gray, black and white, one black and white, and one red and white, all females. I guess on the even years she has boys and the odd years girls?

In honor of John Baker's incredible and historic win of the 2011 Iditarod, Jim wanted to name them after dogs on John Baker's team. He only found 3 he liked though, so we came up with a fourth name. The one in the pic to the left is Kona.



Sahara (non Baker name)

Two of this litter are spoken for and all will be conformation evaluated at 6 weeks. All have had dew claw removal and worm preventative administered to Freya under vet direction (new procedure :). This will prevent any worm transfer from mother to pup, and the pups themselves get their first deworming dose on the 30th of this month.

Sunday night sometime around 1am, Princess whined and kicked up a fuss, waking me from a dead sleep. She normally sleeps through the night and doesn't want out, but I figured since we have gone to an odd schedule of cat napping she had to go. So, getting up and getting dressed, I prepared to take her out for a short walk when I noticed Kona had somehow gotten out of the whelping bed and was sound asleep on the carpet. I picked her up and put her back beside Freya and Princess immediately went back to sleep.

The puppies, though were still fussing, yipping and yowling as my sleepy brain was processing the information. It occurred to me that Kona seemed awful comfortable all stretched out on the carpet, but was not at all pleased having to try to curl up next to Freya or her siblings.

So I got back up, went to the shed and got a clean tarp, cleaned a space on the floor to spread it out, moved the old pillow and two puppies on to it to get Freya to move, then moved the fluffy bed with the other two puppies still on it. I then re-did the fence to surround the new area. The puppies and Freya slept soundly the rest of the night. Too bad that was only two hours for me.

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