Monday, March 14, 2011


Freya is big, with 4 big puppies, she is uncomfortable most of the time, and needs to relieve herself every hour and a half to two hours. Her temp has gone down to 98.8, but she has not yet started labor. Every once in a while she'll go hide under the porch instead of come back in after going potty in the back yard. So we have to go get her in so she doesn't whelp in the dirt.

If that isn't enough to worry about, while I was checking the leaderboard on the Iditarod site, I heard a commotion in the bathroom, and saw Bandit move in an odd way out of the corner of my eye. Thinking Yukon and Bandit might have gotten in to a tussel, I yelled "Stop!" before focusing my full attention on what was going on. Immediately my heart leaped into my throat as I realized what was happening! Bandit had gone into a full on seizure and must have tumbled into Yukon who growled his displeasure then ran out!

His back arched, his neck straining back and flailing, and his legs stiff and flailing, I feared the worst! It was so sudden! I wondered if he were dying in my arms as I cradled and held him down so that he wouldn't hurt himself. I spoke to him softly "I got you, you're a good boy. I'm here." Over and over I repeated that mantra as I held him.

It was over as suddenly as it began and Bandit stared up at me with wide frightened blue eyes. I held him to me, petting him and telling him he was a good dog and it was okay now. Eventually he caught his breath and began to relax and realize whatever had just happened was over. Just as quickly as that, he got up, ran outside to pee, and started playing with Bucky. I kept a close eye on him the rest of the day, checking up on him every 15-20 mins. At night, I checked him every time Freya needed to go out.

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