Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Enthusiasm is Contagious

Well, she finally did it.  Princess managed to get even the stoic Yukon all riled up on a bikejor.  Monday I decided to switch up her and Bucky partnering so that she ran with Yukon and Bucky would run with Freya.  Well, that was a mistake I will probably not make twice.  When I hooked her in, immediately she and Yukon began pulling hard.  I had to hold them back, and well, Yukon when he pulls is as strong as an ox!  Consequently I had an uncontrolled start, a sharp jerk on the gangline, and off into the left side ditch I went.  This time on my right side, which has always been a bit less graceful.  My shoulder impacted the pavement and I managed my first more than superficial injury.  Had to go to the Dr. and get xrays.  It still hurts, but the swelling is finally going down, and I should be able to manage a cart ride by this weekend.  I'm thinking a bit of training is in order for Princess.  I love her motivational power, but her uncontrolled starts will be the death of me if I don't get her to hold back until I'm ready.

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