Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shaping Up and Moving Out!

As you can see in this pic, Yukon really leans in to his tug on the team.  Not sure why he doesn't take bikejoring seriously, but he is sure a good team wheel dog.  Maybe he knows I need to pedal more to be in shape?  Hehe clever boy.  It was 44 degrees this morning and I didn't want to take the chance it would get too much warmer, so took off just before dawn. 

Fall is just beginning to give color to the maples and oaks, the sycamores and walnut trees simply turn yellow then brown and drop their leaves, fall's spoilsports.  Above the trees is a deep royal purple tinged with blue as the sun begins to paint the sky to the east.  The road is a barely visible gray line, so I put the collar lights on Freya and Princess.  Princess loves the little light, and is excited when I turn it on.  Hooking Bucky and Yukon in wheel, James brings out Freya and Princess behind me, so I quickly get them hooked in.  Princess, Freya and Bucky are screaming to go, Yukon quivers in excitement.  I jump quickly in the seat, and hit the release with an "Okay!" and they are off flying down the road. 

This time I brought the camera to document our run, and we are down to the bridge in a flash.  We round the corner and run up the hill while I pedal assist.
Up ahead is the curve before the gutted trailer.  The sign is just on the apex of the curve.
Rounding the bend, we come almost level with the trailer when a pickup truck was coming the other way.  I pull the team to the side, so he can pass, and he stops to tell me I have beautiful dogs.  I thank him and he passes.  Freya tries to follow, but I say no, and "leave it" and she immediately turns back forward.  What a great leader she is.

The road curves around the property of the gutted trailer.  To the right you can see the rock retainer wall that used to be decorated with fancy grass, bushes and flowers.  When we first moved in there was a guy there that abused dogs.  He has been gone now for over a year.  A family lived there for a short while, two or three months, but they too moved out.  Makes you wonder.  The owners of the property have not been back since the roof fell in, but the deer love to congregate there and eat the lush grass.
There is a cautionary sign regarding possible flooding up ahead.  This is on the inside of the curve where the road branches left and right.  The left going to the railroad and the right towards the donkey farm.  This is just over half a mile.
Getting ready to make the turn.
Past the turn there is a peak of the purple sky overhead.  On the right is the old barn and something very odd.  I did not notice it when we were running but looking at this pic I see what looks like a flying red turtle.  There is nothing reflective on the old barn, and also the thing is in front of the trees and not behind.  I'm stumped.  Going to hike down there later today and see if I can find something reflective.
The break in the trees leads up to the donkey farm and is almost the two mile mark.  One more hill and we turn around for two miles back.
Turned around and on the way back to the barn.
There is a reflective property marker on this tree, but this is obviously a reflective tape.  One reason I want to hike down and check the area of the old barn.
Dawn is turning the eastern sky orange and beginning to show the colors of the trees.  The little drive ahead and to the left is the old barn.
I wonder if that white dot is the same something we saw earlier?  We are just level with the old barn again, it is off to the left this time.

Up ahead is the turn off to the mini railroad and the street sign.
Heading back to the gutted trailer.  The road is beginning to lighten up with the sun peaking over the rim of the world.

You can see some of the fall colors as we pass the drive to the trailer.  The numbers still shine on the mailbox.  Wonder how long it will remain there?
You can see a little color on the trees with the sun doing its best to imitate in the east.

Back in to the tunnel of trees and heading towards the bridge.

Bracing for the sharp curve!  We excellerate downhill and I have to hold on tight!

Up the hill towards home.

Riding off into the sunrise.
Time for snacks, rub downs and lots of praise!  This team is really coming together well.  Princess and Bucky make a dynamic motivational duo and Freya lends brains and muscle while Yukon is a good worker when in the team, and does his job in wheel very well.  Overall I'm very pleased with them.

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