Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cowboy vs. Bucky

In case you ever wondered where the term pissing contest came from, I can tell you first hand.  This morning while feeding the dogs, Cowboy and Bucky were in my room awaiting their food while Ghost was in his crate chowing down.  I come back in only to find Cowboy and Bucky taking turns trying to pee in Ghost's food and claim it for their own.  Needless to say, this did not go down well with me or Ghost.

Annoyed, I went to get the cleaner and air freshener, but when I came back both Cowboy and Bucky had been at it again, this time, claiming my computer chair.  Seriously boys!  Take your pissing contest OUTSIDE!!!

Ghost on the other hand was being cuddly and playful, so I threw the hexhedral rubber ball.  He is such a good boy, and bounced around with it as he brought it back to me.  We played some tug-o-war before he let me have it to throw again.  His happy play does wonders to help heal the wounds of my heart.

But as I go to get breakfast for myself, my eyes catch on the wooden box on the mantle.  Bandit, how I tried to give you the best life you could have!  It seems so unfair to fall victim to epilepsy, and just when things settled down again and you were stable on your meds to be so cruelly ambushed by this horrid disease!  We still are mystified as to the source.  Nothing makes sense any more. 

Freya nudges me, and woos at me, trying her best to get my attention, and I sit with her on the floor, rubbing her belly and hugging her.  I know she misses her boy.  She would normally be in the yard playing with him.  I couldn't help the tears.  The aching in my soul as I held her brings more tears, but a warm tongue licks them away as Yukon give me his little high-pitched "OH!"  He wants in on the hugs too!  I'm soon buried in a sea of warm fuzzy bodies, and somehow my heart feels better.

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