Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finally starting to breathe again

After holding our breath for so long.  Technically there are two more days of danger, but I'm almost certain all the dogs have already been through what they were going to go through.  I am ever so grateful to all our FB friends and those following this blog.  Your prayers and well wishes have been heard and I am more than sure made a difference.  With your help and that of the Parvaid and Vibactra remedies, our dogs have only had one instance of vomiting, some of them had spotty diarrhea, but all continuously eating and drinking normally.  In other words we have not had another acute case as yet and hopefully won't.  The fear is beginning to ebb, and this coming weekend the disinfecting will begin again.  After four more weeks will be the final disinfection before the virus is no longer commutable and we can lift our self imposed quarrantine.  We continue to watch and pray that none of the dogs has a relapse, our last remaining fear.

Cowboy will be neutered mid to end of September, with Velvet to be spayed shortly thereafter or at the same time.  We are waiting until we are sure the virus is completely shed from every dog before any sort of procedure that could potentially lower their immune response.  It has been a trip through one hell I hope I never have to see again.

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