Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sustainable Living

This is one of the things that has kept us busy.  We have been busy trying to make our farm self sufficient.  These little chickies are egg-laying Rhode-Island Reds, 12 of them which we have been raising since they were fluffy yellow chicks with only a few wing feathers.  As you can see, they are nearing adulthood and will soon be of egg-laying age.
This is the beginning of our rabbitry.  My husband has named this one Snowflake.  Plans are to get two more males and at least one more female all from different bloodlines.

We've also been working on the raised bed garden.
Also been busy planting berry bushes and trees

As you can see, the plants are doing well and it looks like we will have a great harvest this year.

We have had some setbacks.  All the little fruits in the following pic were eaten by birds. :(

We've deployed resin owls, and if that doesn't work, we will probably put up bird nets.  Hopefully our pears will survive.

We've also been growing veggies in containers.
These and taking our boy Ghost to shows has kept us pretty busy.

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