Monday, June 24, 2013

Whoever Said Dogs don't Lie?

That person does not know Samantha...
Sure, she looks innocent here, but you don't know her like I do.

Imagine you're one of the other dogs happily chewing away on a rawhide square.  Pack-mom has gifted you with this lovely treat and smiled as you pranced around with it in your mouth to find the perfect place to gnaw on this slightly flavored piece of cowhide.  All the other dogs have their chewy and life is good as you savor the bits as they become slimy and slide down your throat like liver.  Suddenly the Alpha queen Samantha shows up, and she's so full of play!  It is such an honor to be played with by the Alpha queen!  You are so happy she's chosen you to play with, she almost never plays!  You get up to echo her play bow and Blam!  She's stolen your treat turned her tail towards you, and laid down in your space eating your chewy!

Yup, and that's not her only lying thieving trick.  When I work late, I usually have my husband give the dogs their evening frozen fish snack and all the dogs are happy until I get home.  They all greet me with excited wags and woos and lots of kisses except Samantha, she immediately starts yelling at me with her 'Super Bark'.  Believe me when I say it is a Super Bark and has been known to shake the foundations of the earth!  She tells me,  "I have been waiting forever for my fish!  How dare you be late with my evening snack!  Dad starves me and abuses me by not giving me my fish!  Where is my fish!?"  This is incessant until it is quite plain she is not getting another fish, then she 'harrumphs' and lays on the couch.

Oh and then there is the ice cream.  Occasionally the dogs get to share some ice cream with us.  Samantha will wait patiently for her portion, then sneak in behind the dogs around James and tell him she hasn't had any yet.  She will then immediately sneak back to me and swear up and down she didn't get any from James and it's her turn for another spoonful.

Oh yes, dogs lie, cheat and steal, and Samantha is proof of that.

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