Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19th Nights are for Sleeping?

This puppy I've nicknamed Ace for Ace of Clubs since her marking on her head sorta looks like it. Ace is a mild tempered puppy so far and will let you pick her up and hold her. If she is sleepy, she will immediately fall asleep if she woke up when you picked her up. Most of the time, she is a deep sleeper and doesn't wake up if you are careful enough. If she isn't sleepy, she will explore and sniff until she is certain that she is hungry then she will whimper softly until you put her near momma. She is more than likely the one I will keep for show if she continues her mild manners and grows into an excellent conformation prospect. It will be a hard choice between her and squeaker though. Squeaker has a very striking set of markings, and would look unusual enough to grab attention in the show ring. For a good sled dog though, I think Miss Adventure will be my best pulling prospect as she is amazingly strong already, and has outsized the other puppies. She is a bit headstrong like her mother though, so again, time will tell. It is still a bit early to really judge their personalities and prospects, but they are all very healthy good looking pups.
Samantha has finally begun to spend time out from the puppies, of course this means she wants to spend that time being petted by me. I'm not there to pet her all day, so that means I can pet her all night, right? At least this means I don't have to persuade her to go outside to do her business.

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