Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4th New Straw

Had a great run with the pups Sunday! We went our 2.5 mile route in record time with absolutely no tangles! Even when I asked Freya to "come around", she turned the team right around back towards the house with no tangles!

Up until last week, the dogs have been sleeping in my room (on my blanket when they can) and forsaking the dog houses outside. Since Samantha has been close to whelping, though, she has begun sleeping in the igloo doghouse. Since she started sleeping out there, Yukon has also decided he likes the igloo and they play musical chairs with it. Yesterday Jim picked up a bale of straw, and I put down straw in the igloo for Samantha in case she whelps her puppies in there while I'm either at work or sleeping. Well, now all the dogs LOVE the igloo with straw (except the two old dogs who still want to sleep in my room) and will hardly let Samantha lay down in it. Guess we will have to tighten the belt and pick up 3 more igloos.

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