Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5th More Igloos

My porch now looks like a herd of arctic natives have moved in. Each dog has been sampling each dog igloo, and the consensus is they are the bomb! They now seem to like them so much, they hardly come in the house at all, and spend all day lounging around in their individual igloo condos. I will try to get some pics when I get home from work tonight.

Samantha's puppies were moving around a lot this morning, and I'm thinking she may whelp them this weekend if not sooner. I've given James specific instructions on what to do when she does, IE: separate the other dogs immediately. If she goes in to labor in one of the igloos, put the other dogs inside, or if inside, put the other dogs outside and seal the dog door. She needs to be concerned with whelping the pups and not with the other dogs. I made a puppy-moist food mix for her last night and one this morning to make sure she has enough to eat before labor if she is in labor for an extended period, or refuses to eat for a day or two after whelping which I have seen both in dog birthing in the past. Poor girl, I'll end up taking her temperature again tonight. She is NOT fond of that at all.

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