Monday, January 31, 2011

Of Vets and Doors

We made the decision to get Samantha fixed for a couple of reasons. In this pic you can kind of tell she has a slight predisposition to cross-eyed. With Moon Dancer very cross-eyed we didn't want any more puppies to possibly be cross-eyed.

The second reason is that she is the only aggressor in the kennel. Of any of the tussels that have broken out, she's been the initiator. Not that there have been any serious fights, but we wanted to take steps to be sure they never happen.

The third reason is to curb her wanderlust. She has been our main digger, so hopefully this will prevent any future excursions.

So Friday was the big day for Samantha, and I opted to work from home so I could be with her when she got back from surgery. She has always been a very loving dog to people, and needed lots of attention and re-assurance which she got. All weekend she has been fussed over. The pain pills pretty much knocked her out in the mornings, so she laid on my bed sleeping for much of Friday and Saturday. Sunday she slept half of the day and got a bit restless in the afternoon, so I let her wander the house under supervision as well as being leash walked.

Saturday while she was sleeping on my bed, I hooked up the race team for a 4 mile run with the cart. After I got back, I worked on cleaning and clearing out the livingroom in preparation for rennovations.

Sunday I got the door framed and wall divider built that I had been planning. This is a big step towards more secure separation of the boys and girls during heat cycles, plus making the room more accessable and less cluttered. Eventually there will be wood flooring and it will make people and dog care much less of a chore. It looks pretty good and very sturdy. A good day's work. Hopefully I'll be able to complete more of the rennovations planned in the near future.

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