Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Aunty Moon and Uncle Buck

Freya's mission now is to socialize the puppies with the rest of the pack to remove her mothering responsibilities. Anytime she is left in the kitchen with the puppies, she breaks them out of their confinement, and lets the chaos ensue. Of course a couple of interesting things have come to our attention as a result of this new initiative.

Moony loves the puppies! She wants to have puppies so bad she is willing to take care of Freya's as if they were her own. Even up to and including licking up messes... ew... No licki-face for you!

She sooo loves the puppies though, its neat to watch her care for them.

Freya keeps watch, ensuring that everything goes as planned.

As surprising as Moony's love for the puppies was, Bucky surprised us even more. He's an even better nanny than Moon! Both of them hover over the puppies, guarding them, gently playing, and cleaning them.

Here River gives Bucky a puppy hug.

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