Monday, April 18, 2011

TP Bandit and Hiking Season

Bandit has learned that tearing up toilet paper rolls is fun! So we have had to hide the TP in places where he can't reach. As a large agile dog, this isn't easy to keep in reach for us. I am glad to say though, he hasn't had a seizure in 3 weeks. That being said, we had him in to be neutered on Friday, and when we got him home, he whined pitifully, obviously in pain, poor boy. I comforted him as much as possible, laying down next to him on the floor, holding and petting him. The shaved area looked very raw, so I put pain relieving ointment on him, and the cone so he wouldn't lick. He seemed to feel a little better after that and finally slept. Saturday morning he was again miserable, so I salved him up again and gave him his second pain med dose. After that, he wanted to play... go figure. But we had to keep him at low activity level, so he had to settle for a slow walk down to the bridge and back. He really enjoyed the walks on the long leash and now anytime I touch the long leash he gets excited. I've been working with him a lot and will work a lot more this spring and summer on commands, which usually consists of him in harness attached to me by tug and with a 6' leash to help guide when he's confused (which is very seldom). But he has been occasionally walked on the 30' lead. This is the first time it sunk in to him that the 30' lead means playtime, time to relax and just enjoy himself. It was fun to see. Sunday, the weather cleared up, and the hike my son and I had planned for Saturday began around 9am Sunday. We drove down to the dam with our snacks, drinks and packs, strapped on the dog pack to Zena who seemed not to care at all, in fact seemed happy to be on the trail with her 'dad' James. It was a beautiful day for a husky hike, starting out at around 37 degrees and warming up to close to 50 by the time we finished. Sun was shining and there was a brisk wind blowing. The dogs loved it, and we were having fun too. Runoff from the nearby hills makes for some beautiful pics. Along the route, we passed a lot of wildflowers, two rope swings, several benches, and stopped in a glen surrounded in mossy rock faces and shaded by large elms, oaks and maples. There was a fire ring and some benches, a great little place to water the dogs, give them snacks and eat our own snacks. There were several immensely old trees, many of them sicamores with their graceful white upper branches reaching for the sun.

We crossed a small wooden bridge on the way to the glen.

Ace had a blast.

James was in great spirits too, actually enjoying time away from his computer! gasp!

We passed some old barns on the way out and I photographed them on the way back, the ones that I could get a good shot of that is.

Since Zena carried the pack out to the glen, Ace carried it back.

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