Monday, April 25, 2011

Our First Specialty

My pretty, pretty Princess. She, my son and I had a great time in Cleveland, met some great folks, and saw some wonderful dogs.

She did very good up until the triangle. She got a little bit confused about going on the diagonal before going once around, and stared at me quizzically wondering what I wanted. With her head pointed at me, she crab-walked toward the judge. Ah well. She's still young, 17 months, so has plenty of time to get used to the weird things we do in the show ring. She did get many compliments, though, and that made her and me feel good.

More than a couple of mushing breeders complimented her running build and beautiful face, and it will be great when I can put her in the Sled Dog class. Maybe at the end of next racing season? The only problem is the requirement is on Snow. Not too much of that around here, and expensive to hit the races up north. C'mon lottery! heh...

Our drive back was dreary rainy weather, and this proved to be our undoing. When we pulled off on our state route to our home, we ran into a section of road that was under water. No biggie, we turned around and took the ridge line road, but it too had an even deeper run off. hmm back out and around the ridge roads and we found the resevoir land that had been fenced off with county signs of no entrance. So back around to the next road, and it too ended in a vast expanse of rushing water. By then we had started to get worried that all roads to our home might be flooded. Backtracking again, we headed further south towards Georgetown.

We made it back to our highway on the far south side, so turned north and headed towards the house. We came upon a stretch that was flooded, but I could tell it was shallow enough to pass through, so slowly I crept through the water to the other side and met someone coming the other way in a much lower car than our Expedition. I warned her that the road was flooded ahead, probably too deep for her car as it had been level with the hubs on ours. She told me the way ahead was flooded towards our home, but the mountain road was passable. So, we went on another round about tour only to find the road flooded again, backtrack, and one final try, only one more road to try that could possibly get us home. Thankfully it too only had a small amount of water on it that we were able to get through. The bridge to our house was barely keeping the floods at bay, with water slapping up against the side of it when we crossed and were finally able to pull in the drive. Whew!

It was quite an adventure, and it opened up many possibilities with finding the land that had been set aside for the resevoir. This coming weekend may be time for an exploration.

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