Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10th Back to Work?

With the hubby out of town, a hike was just not feasible, so I took Yukon for a 2.5 mi bikejor which he enjoyed, but it was obvious our training is slacking off. He went for a couple of squirrels, a chipmunk and even thought about chasing some cows that were at the fence. I really need to move someplace with no people. If he gets loose, I have to worry about him getting shot. Fortunately he is perfectly happy to stay in our yard when left to his own devices. He still amazes me with his speed and power.
Still testing out this new bike before adding a second dog to the madness. So far, so good. The disc brakes are far superior than the rusting v-brake on the old bike for sure. The shocks are taking a bit of getting used to, and the nobby tires always make me worry. The gearing is awesome, and allows me to swiftly change gears to match Yukon's speed. Overall a great chance to evaluate our purchase.
Princess has been doing better, and has been pretty good about not getting in too rough and tumble. She's a smart one, and looks to be recovering nicely.
Afterwards, I was able to get a good start on re-landscaping the front garden. I got the Azaleas in, and a couple of the ground cover plants, the landscape paper laid down and the gravel formed in. Got about six feet done and ran out of gravel! It is going to take me literally a ton of gravel to do the whole thing! Ah well, no one said I had to have it all done tomorrow. With that project on hold, I turned my eye to the house, and picked up all the cardboard the puppies spread around the house, then vacuumed the livingroom and helped my son steamvac.
Was going to do the diningroom, but ran low on daylight. Rather than work on it Sunday, I did laundry, and went out to eat with James.

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