Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18th Chicken Wire Smicken Wire.

After spending countless hours laying down chicken wire and sewing it in to the fence, placing heavy bricks and rocks on it, Samantha still managed to take the puppies for another outing... She tore a huge hole in the middle of the chicken wire as if it were nothing but wax paper, and moved the rocks and bricks as if she was born with hands to reveal the hole she dug previously which prompted us to put down the fencing. She made it just a bit bigger and took off with all 6 puppies. ARGH!

You're grounded missy!

She's no longer allowed to run free in the yard, and has to be hooked up to the lead on the 50' run. It took my poor frantic hubby nearly 5 hours to recover all the pups and finally Samantha herself. Thankfully none of them were shot, but it is a constant worry here since we are in the middle of several farms with a variety of livestock. Each time a dog escapes it is heart-stopping and the search is frantic. Someday I hope to move somewhere there are no neighboring farms with livestock.

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