Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27th Some Semblance of Disorder

Freya's leg looked much better last night and even better this morning, but I will still be checking it every day until it is completely healed. It was pretty hot when I got home from work and all the dogs were hiding out in the family room in the AC. Freya was still limping a bit, and not her normal boysterous self. With the heat and her injury I thought it best to wait on walking both dogs together. The puppies, however, were not deterred by the temperature, rather they romped through the house like 5 mid-size tornadoes and one big one (Cat).

Princess, my accident prone little prodigy managed to hurt herself again. This time, she was roughhousing on my bed and slipped off the backside, nearly ripping her right rear toenail off... Never a dull moment around our house, nosirreee... So, after figuring out who was tracking blood around my house, I ended up tending to Princess' toe, putting on antiseptic spray, and trying to keep her still long enough to ensure that was the only injury.

Xena still mystifies me. She is one of the bravest of puppies when it comes to excursions and hunting, but anything else terrifies her. She doesn't like harnesses, leashes or collars and yelps bloody murder when you try to put any on her. She's a snuggle bug, though, and loves to cuddle up next to anyone of the three of us people, but hides if there is anyone else around. She is very social with the other puppies and our dogs, but terrified of strange dogs. I still don't know what to make of her, but know she needs a quiet home where she can be the world to an experienced owner. Unfortunately, we haven't yet found the right home for her but we are still hopeful there is one out there where she can shine as much as she does here or more. She's a beauty though, and I really really really wish she wasn't so shy and could be shown. ah well...

Last night, Freya slept in the kennel at the end of my bed, and Cat curled up next to her by the kennel door, almost as if to protect her from Samantha. Cat is such a sweetheart.

Buck I guess has finally learned not to wake me up in the middle of the night. He burst into my room at 3am, jumped on the bed, but instead of frenzied face licking, he sniffed me once, then curled up at my back to wait until I got up. Heh. what a good boy. Ace on the other hand, was much more demanding, and did start in with the frenzied licking... sigh...

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