Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23rd Quick Update

Ok this has to be my all-time favorite Demon pic. Gotta luv it!

Been terribly busy without much time for updating the Blog. Work has me a bit snowed under for the next couple of months. Too bad it isn't real snow.

Still preparing for the Show Sept 2-6 in Lexington, and spent Saturday searching for suitable attire. Saturday evening I grilled out with Princess who I mistakenly put the loop of her lead over the gear shift on the lawn mower. She pulled it out of gear, and it went for a short trip into the side of the shed.

Fortunately the incline was not steep and the mower was only about five feet away from it. But I learned a valuable lesson out of the deal. Never under-estimate the pulling power of a husky, even just a puppy. So I pulled the mower back about three feet, set the parking brake and found something else to keep Princess from straying too far away. The weather was in the mid 80's, but there was a nice mountain breeze blowing that kept me from melting too much.

Sunday we re-arranged and cleaned out the living room where the boys have been spending a lot of time while in the house. We still have Samantha and Freya in standing heat, Xena has seen the end of her heat, but we are still cautious because this is what happened last time with Freya she was out of heat, still got it from Yukon, and she went right back into heat and was pregnant... So no boys with Xena until a week after all girls are over it. Speaking of which, Ace and Princess have yet to go in to heat. Lordy another month of this...

Moon has completely recovered from her surgery, and I even caught her on tape playing in the yard with Princess. Yup, she even left the porch and was running along the back fence, and I have the proof.

Princess and I practiced her stance yesterday and I taught her how to catch a thrown treat. She did great. It will be fun teaching her more tricks once she's done showing. She catches on so fast. I love that little girl.

G'kar is escorted everywhere by the two girls, Freya and Samantha who both vie for his attentions even though he's fixed. Bless the old man for trying to keep up with them, but I think he's gonna hurt himself. Going on fifteen years and feeling his age. I give him a glucosamine biscuit and a doggy asprin every day which helps, as he's much less cranky afterwards. I still worry about him, and know his time is running short. I keep hoping his digestion deals well with the aspirin because I know it is rough on old dogs. So far he's been doing ok with it, and it really helps him with his arthritis. He does have cataracts though, and I'm always careful to call his name before petting him so he knows it's me. He's not an ornery dog ordinarily, but he doesn't like being harassed by puppies, and it puts him at ease to know it is a person touching him. I know a hard decision is ahead of us, but as long as he still likes to run and play fetch I believe his quality of life is still ok. The day he no longer begs to play with his squeaky ball is the day I will dread.

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