Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4th Princess Goes to the Groomer

Jim took Princess to the groomer yesterday, and she did really well while being washed. She did not, however, like the dryer. She howled and screamed the whole time. There's a reason we call her Princess Squeaker...

Once she was put back on the table though, she was a perfect little Princess. When the groomer was done, she put a brightly colored scarf around her neck, and I guess Princess really took a liking to the scarf. When Jim got her home, she took great exception to any of the other puppies sniffing or nipping her scarf! When I came home, she paraded her scarf in front of me, fighting off any of the other dogs who came for my attention before I acknowledged her prettiness. For her, I guess, it was her badge of honor, and she thought that she deserved the high reward of a colorful scarf having braved the howling terror of the dryer box (cold air dryer) and endured the grinding torture of sanding her nails.

I told her she was a very pretty girl and doted over her for a few minutes which seemed to satisfy her, and she pranced around the room. She is such a silly, wonderful little girl.

She was worn out by the time I took her to class, so I guess her ordeal did help out in that respect. She did marvelously well, and was complimented on her performance. The only thing I need to work on with her is having her keep her feet still after being stacked, and she will be perfect. It's quite obvious she enjoys the attention she gets at show classes, and she loves doing things with me especially if it involves hot dog slices.

So I got home sometime around 9, having found a short cut back, but it always takes me a bit to unwind for the day, plus I was still hungry from rushing home, and rushing to class (barely made it on time). Needless to say it was just after 11 when I got to bed.

At 3am, Bandit decided he needed to see his kissing cousin Xena who was at the gate whining to play with him. So he starts to whine frantically and jump at the gate. Now, Bandit is 70 pounds of boisterous puppy monster, and it doesn't take him long to destroy a galvanized steel fence. He also has a loud voice which he uses to great affect. So he starts howling as well as jumping. This got all the dogs howling, and me out of bed with 4 hours of sleep.

Groggily I stumbled to the gate, knowing I wasn't going to be able to hold back the boys long enough to get Xena safely tucked in James' room. Hoping I could get to her before she ran outside with the rest of the dogs I opened the now dented gate. The stampede nearly was the end of me, but I managed to live through it, snatch a dodging greased puppy (good thing she had a collar on), and escort her past the gate that was just vacated by the mob. Poor Xena doesn't understand why she has to be segregated, but she was followed in by Buck (neuter) and Ace (female), so at least she wasn't alone.

Now I need to explain that Freya wants to have a person go outside with her. She's still scared of the invisible fence monster, so she comes howling up to me in her cute incredibly bass voice low howl. "wooooo." and in case I didn't hear it the first time. "wooooooooooo."

Dressed in only a robe, and very sleepy I stumble to the back door as Jim comes out of his room with his little howler Moon Dancer. She too is howling to go out. "Aroowooowooraroo." Which sounds remarkably like "I want out too" to my tired brain. And of course Demon "Rairoovroo. awwooowooowrowrowroo." which sounds something like "I love you but you better let me out before I pee on you." And Yukon's little "Oh! Oh! Awoh oh oh!" Is something like "Ha ha, me too, hahaha." Getting through the small space left between the dog door and the full opening of the sliding glass door with a robe on and wits befudled by sleeplessness left me with one small bruise on my forehead and scrabbling to keep my robe on.

Which ever dog keeps pooping on the porch in the dark is now on my "Coal for Christmas" list.

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