Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2nd Let the Chaos Begin!

Friday night was starting out ok, but then James came to me with a worried look on his face. "Xena has some yellow stuff coming out of her, is she going in to heat?"

"Yellow and not red?" He nodded in confirmation, and I started to worry that she had bypassed bleeding heat and went in to estrus.

Since she had been loose all day with the boys, all sorts of bad things were going through my head. So I checked her, and sure enough, there was a clear-ish yellow fluid, but only a very tiny spec. It wasn't clear if it was from her vulva or eurethra, so I thought it would be a good idea to take her to the walk-in clinic on Saturday just to be sure she hadn't developed a bladder infection. Those thoughts became unnecessary a few hours later though when she started bleeding. Odd way to start a heat cycle, and over a month and a half early. Freya had a false heat prior to her real heat, so perhaps that is what she is doing, however, we aren't taking any chances.

So the chaos and rotations have begun. I put up the 4' fence barrier between the living room and den, and the Kitchen and living room that cordones off my room and the living room from the rest of the house. This is where Yukon and Bandit will be spending the majority of the time while in the house and Xena is in heat. When Jim takes James to college, the boys will go in my room, the girls and neuters outside except Samantha and G'kar who will remain in the house.

This should prevent any unwanted breedings, and keep Samantha and Freya separate since the pheramones appear to be affecting their demeanor towards one another again.

They had a slight argument Friday night which Jim was able to put a quick end to. Nothing serious again, but it woke me out of a dead sleep. I rolled over to try to get out of bed faster, ended up losing my balance, and flinging my right arm out. I grabbed my robe and ran into the kitchen. By the time I got there, my right thumb was starting to ache abominably, and I realized somehow I had sprained it. It is still black and blue and swollen this morning. :(

Saturday was a revolving carusel of shuffling the boys outside while the girls were confined inside, and vice versa. Jim and I went shopping, spent way too much money, but we got a lot of things that were needed.

Sunday was much of the same. I did get some gardening done in the morning. Bandit was already getting a bit tired of being kept away from the girls, ah well, at least he is quiet with me in the room with him. Guess that means the family will be split up a bit during the heat cycle, but at least this time they all have a stake in it and it is much more a cooperative effort.

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