Monday, January 10, 2011

Bandit and Moon

Got the team out Sunday that I'll be taking to Virginia this weekend. Bandit and Moon Dancer (Moony pie) in lead, with Yukon and Bucky in wheel. I'll be running the 4 dog class on Sunday if they approve my pedal cart as safe.

Anyway, Moon was a bit slower than the team, but I kept them slowed to her pace so she did not get discouraged. Moony has a lot of heart, and kept her tug as tight as she could the whole way! She was a bit uncertain about the commands, but let Bandit show her what was what.

We made great time up to almost the two mile mark, and Moony began to tire on the big uphill grade up the side of the mountain. I pedaled to help out, but figured it was a good time to turn around and let Moon 'rest' on the downhill since most of the way home except the last .2 miles is downhill from there.

Bandit still hasn't learned the "Come Around Gee" command very well, so I had to get off the cart and lead him through the turn around. I repeated the command as they finished the line out and praised them before getting the cart turned around and brakes unlocked. Moony caught her second wind on the way down the hill, and we flew back to the house. She only remembered her fatigue in the last .1 mile, but seeing her 'dad' (Jim) waiting for her gave her that extra incentive to make it.

All in all, I think she'll do fine, and she did excellent for her first lead on the race team! She's been in lead with the puppy team, but this was her first experience with a full team of run-crazy dogs. I think she had a great time, as for the rest of the day she had a huge smile even though she slept for about three hours afterwards.

This time I put booties on both Bandit and Bucky's back feet, and though they each shed one bootie, their feet were both in good shape after the run. Moon and Yukon had minimal wear, so will probably not require booties unless we run on pavement this weekend. I know Moony will love to come along, as Jim will be coming this time. With both full boys going with me, James thinks he can handle the girls, we'll see.

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