Friday, January 7, 2011

Heats and Greets

The time has come round again where my girls are back in heat. The house has been sectioned off again, and we do-se-do the dogs shuffling the girls out and the boys in or vice versa.

The main problem is that Samantha and Princess want to be where I am all the time, so it gets tough when the boys are in with me. When the girls are in with me, Bandit whines to be in with me too, although I don't think his motivations are as pure.

What usually happens is that I end up with the boys in my room with Samantha and Princess in the crate when we sleep. This makes Freya unhappy because she normally sleeps at the foot of my bed, but is used to beign able to go out when she wants. In order to go out when she wants, she can't sleep in my room.

What usually happens is this: I go to bed early because I'm tired. I have the girls with me. Bandit whines and howls and shakes the gate sometime around 12am to 2am. I let him in, go fetch Yukon and get him in, let the girls out and go get a short nap. About two hours later, Samantha starts super-barking at the inside fence and trying to push it over (she's really really good at getting through gates and fences, I think she's the reincarnation of Houdini). This forces me to get up and let her in. About an hour later, Princess howls at the gate, and if you can imagine a two year old human crossed with an alien cat that somehow got transplanted into a dog, you would kind of understand that Pincess cannot be ignored. I get up, let Princess in and put her in the dog cave with Samantha. About an hour or two later, Freya gets lonely and starts whining and low howling at the gate. I get up, let her and Ace in, let the boys out and usually get about 15-30 minutes more sleep before the alarm goes off.

I get up, go to work, get home, eat, drink a beer, go to bed early because I'm tired... etc.

Right now, my dearest wish is that Princess and Ace would go in to heat too and get it over with all at once.

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