Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Place to Run?

This might be the last set of pics on the road! Yup, I talked to a neighbor the other day and found out there is a plot of land a little over a mile from my house that is owned by the county, 2500 acres worth that they've set trails for horses and allow primitive weapon hunts on. This might be a great place to work the trails into useable dogsledding trails. The neighbor was excited to learn that I trained sled dogs and offered to show me the trails in exchange for a ride on the sled! Sounds like a great exchange to me! And it will probably lead to talking to the county about making some non-snow trails that are good enough for hiking, riding, and carting on! I'm excited, and very hopeful this will pan out into a great exchange and an awesome new venue to train my dogs! Maybe even give rides to folks to see the beautiful Kentucky hills by dog-cart/sled!

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