Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st Anyone Want Husky Wool?

It's that time of year again that all the world becomes one great big ball of shed husky fur. With 11 dogs still in the house, you can guess we have mounds of it. Probably as much as a small sheep farm, and we don't even have to shave the dogs for it. They conveniently drop it off on the couch, chair, bed, clothes, carpet and curtains for us to gather.
Xena has officially become a member of our permanent pack. James has stated that he wanted a puppy of his own, and that puppy was Xena. So starting today, he is responsible for her training, care and behavior. I hope it will be a good experience for him being responsible for her, and Xena can stay with us which is a bit of a relief for me as I was very concerned about placing her in just the right home. Turns out, she already is. :)
One of the folks who got a puppy from us has a relative interested in Ace, so she too may be bound to another home soon. I will miss her, just as I miss all those who've gone before. That would only leave Buck and Cat. Cat I am intending to train up for sledding, take him to a race or two and find him a good mushing home. He's such a natural, I won't even consider a non-mushing home for him now. He loves it with every fibre of his being, and I could hardly disappoint him. So that leaves little Bucky boy.
He's such a sweetie, but sometimes a bit of mischief in his blue eyes. I caught him yesterday splashing in the horse trough and blowing bubbles with his nose under water.... silly little boy!

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