Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23rd Buck's Foot

Such a sweet little boy. I still don't know how he hurt his foot, just noticed him licking it a lot and saw that it was red between the toes deep in. I cleaned it and put bactine on it, and antiseptic cream, but it became infected. I took him in to the vet, and she cleaned it again, perscribed prednisone and doxy, but though the infection seemed to recede, his toes never healed completely. So I took him back again for another round of antibiotics, anti-inflamitory, and this time the vet added in an antifungal after describing Bucky's favorite activity (jumping into the horse trough, digging/splashing water, and blowing bubbles with his nose). She also prescribed a comfy-cone collar to keep him from hiding and licking. Poor boy. He is enjoying getting to sleep in my room with the adults and Princess, but he is getting tired of wearing the cone. Who can blame him? I see an Elizabethan collar and I run for the hills! I could only imagine what it would be like to wear a grammophone on your neck...

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