Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7th Princess ADHD

These are the cookies I baked for the 4th of July. They were mighty tasty and didn't last the night.

At class last night, Princess was waaaay too excited and wouldn't settle down. Consequently, she didn't do very well for the first half hour. She kept turning around, refusing to come near the table where the little dogs stack, moving around when she was supposed to be still, and generally being an antsy child. She was being more than a handful, but eventually she settled down and got serious, but by then class was half over.

We learned patterns, the triangle, the
diagonal, and the "L", how to handle the dogs at each of the turns and how to approach the judge. Near the end of class, she was performing like a professional, but this tells me I need to have her tired out before class so she will settle enough to learn.

When I got home I asked James to walk her around 4pm on Tuesdays so she will already be a bit tired before class.

Our road was closed this morning, so I ended up driving around the long way. It is very pretty winding through the hills, and there are lots of old forests that give the feeling of antiquity. To me it felt as if I should have been there long ago, as if I belonged and they had been waiting for me to rediscover their secrets.

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