Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29th Gearing Up

The new leads I ordered came in Monday, and I used the new Martingale lead at Tuesday night's class. It worked much much better than the slip lead, and Princess had no lead fighting issues. I think she's ready for her first show a week from Saturday. I'm not sure I'm ready, so I'll let her do all the showing. She certainly knows her stuff.

It will give us a bit of experience to take with us to the Blue Grass Classic in September.

Buck's foot is continuing to heal up nicely and is only slightly discolored between the toes now. He and Freya chase eachother relentlessly around the yard, through the house, tumbling, mouthing, yapping and having a great time. I think she will miss him greatly once we find him a good home. Buck is a sweetie, curling up with me when he's exhausted from playing with Freya, and content to be petted until he's rested up for another round. He and Moon are sometimes at odds since Moon thinks she's the pack leader and Buck doesn't think she should be. As they get older it may become necessary to separate them when we are not around. There has been nothing serious yet, but their arguments get a little more boysterous than mere disagreements. This could morph into something worse as maturity hits and hormones start kicking in for Moon. But it may well go the other way and disappear. Buck will steadily move towards mental maturity since he has been fixed, so I don't expect any serious behavior changes in him although instinct will still tell him that Moon is female and a potential mating partner even if his hormones don't.

Moon... she's a beautiful little girl that is full of energy all the time. This is not so good since Jim (her caretaker) is not. Consequently, she gets in to trouble... A LOT! Tuesday she chewed the bottom on my wood nightstand, tore a hole in my carpet and ate the runner that was by my door. This was the day that Jim and James were home all day... You can guess I wasn't too happy and was not blaming the dog... Guess that bumps up replacing the carpet in my room a couple of notches...

Xena does good, she goes outside alone and does her business, loves to cuddle, and is very sweet and cuddly. She, Bandit and Demon hang out together and play all the time. Bandit sometimes breaks away to go play with Buck and Freya, but generally he LOVES Xena and not in only a plutonic way. Going to be tough when she goes in to heat.

Ace and Moon play a lot together, and it keeps Ace out of trouble. She also likes to play a lot with Princess. Princess adores Ace and G'kar. I'm not sure if it is because they look so much alike, but she will play with Ace as much as possible and will try to goad the Red Menace into playing with her. Sometimes she even succeeds. Princess is the only puppy G'kar will play with. He will tolerate the others at times, but will only play with her or chase Yukon.

Yukon loves playing with Bandit and Freya. They are the only two in the yard that can keep up with him, but Yukon adores Freya and G'kar. I'm not sure what he thinks of G'kar, but I swear sometimes he courts the Red Menace as if he were a female. Freya, though, is HIS mate. He's ok with Samantha, but not as interested in her as in Freya. I still love his little "Oh!". It is the cutest husky noise ever.

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