Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6th Good Times

Xena pauses to watch Bandit and Buck play.

It was a very eventful weekend for us, starting early Saturday morning. It was 52 degrees F, so I hooked up Yukon, Demon, Freya and Bandit (Cat), and we went for a 1.5 mile run. Freya was howling and screaming to run. She jumped and squirmed so much, Jim had to have James help him hold the rig so I could hook up the other dogs. Bandit was great! He sat most of the time even though it was quite obvious he was excited to get running! He is an awesome sled dog, and nothing ruffles his fur! His disposition is the best in a husky that I've seen! He pulled hard the whole way, never slacking up once. He and his mother make an awesome team! If he keeps shaping up like he has, he will definitely be on my dryland team this coming fall! I can't say enough about this marvelous up and coming dog! He's already getting the hang of Gee and Haw, and has learned that most important command "Whoah!" Incredible!

When we returned, and after the dogs were snacked with their customary frozen meat patty, I gave them each a good rub-down and checkup. It was still in the 50's, and the dogs were all happy. Jim and I gathered up the fishing poles and tackle and headed down to the local dam to get in some fishing while the weather was cool. I caught a bunch of bluegills, and one small bass, all that I threw back in, and Jim caught one bluegill. It was peaceful and a very beautiful morning, and the park looked like a great place to hike. I think I'll plan one there in the near future if the weather cooperates.

Later that evening, I de-installed the old dishwasher and picked up the new one we bought Friday and re-installed it. It is a very nice Whirlpool brand with the silverware trays on the door. It works a hundred times better than the old one that was limping along on its last legs since we moved in over a year ago. It also matches the new stove and microwave combo, silver and black. We are slowly getting things together to improve the house, one bit at a time.

Sunday we spent all day in family time, meaning no one allowed to be on the computer or in their rooms away from the rest of the family. It was great, and we watched some movies, socialized with the pups and each other. It was very pleasant. In the evening I grilled out some steaks and later on, Jim lit off the fireworks.

Bandit was so excited to see what was going on, he begged to go outside and watch, so I put him on a lead and took him out to watch the fireworks. Nothing startled him, and he genuinely seemed to enjoy all the colorful sparkles in the air. Even firecrackers didn't phase him. He took it all in stride and loved being in the middle of the action with his people. What an amazing dog he is! I'm pretty sure if I was in an area that I didn't have to worry about livestock, I would be able to train him off-lead. As it was, he stayed relatively close and though he was curious and stepped away from me quite often, he never pulled on the lead, content to stay close by my side.

Any time I've taken Bandit for a walk, he instinctively heels, and I've never had to teach him to be good on lead which is amazing when I consider how well he pulls in harness!

Monday was another quiet and lazy day.

Tonight I'm off to show classes again with Princess. She is learning faster than I, but I can be taught.

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