Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14th Hot, Muggy, Lazy Days.

Buck amuses himself by blowing bubbles with his nose in the horse trough.

Work has triple timed me, so I took the weekend off, and good thing I did as the pups decided to take another holiday Friday morning even after all the rocks that were stuffed in their escape hatch. They simply got Freya and Yukon to dig them another... Samantha, thank goodness, was tethered and unable to lead them astray, so they were all recovered within 20 minutes. So, I found a 250lb + rock that I rolled halfway across the yard to cover the hole in its entirety. This labor in the 90 degree weather and 70% humidity had me soaked through and through with sweat and still not straight after drinking a gallon and a half of water.

Sunday I spent the first half of the day putting up isolators ~6inches from the bottom of the fence. I hate the thought of putting down electric wire, but I've got to have some kind of stop in place while I finish up putting concrete down along the base of the fence. Hopefully it will discourage them from digging out again. bleh... I need to move further north... it is still too warm here....

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