Friday, June 4, 2010

June 4th Princess in the Office

I guess I'm rather fortunate to work in a place that allows me to bring in a pet once in a while. Today Princess is snoozing at the opening of my cube. She still loves to greet everyone, though is still a bit shy of overhead petting. I'm hoping she'll get over it quite quickly, which is one reason why I brought her to work. She gets lots of attention, though she wants to play with the cat, the cat doesn't want much to do with her. I keep their association quite controlled since Princess has not learned that cats are pack members.

G'kar went to the vet today to get his chekup and his rabies shot and dhlpp booster updated. They say the lump is just a fatty lump, and his limp is arthritis in the hip, (two sighs of relief), but other than that, he is very healthy for a 14 year old dog. :) A bit ornery, but that's my old man. He wouldn't let them put him on the table, so the doc examined him on the floor.

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