Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2nd Merry-Go-Kennel-Den

This kennel has seen a LOT of use. This was originally the kennel I bought to transport Valkrys and G'kar from NC to KY. Neither dog was ever really fond of the kennel, so after being here for a month or so, we took them down and stored them. When the puppies got to be about two months old, though, I pulled this crate out of storage to help aclimatize the young'uns to crate training to make it much easier for them to transition into their new lives in new homes. It was a smashing success, and became the main puppy playhouse of Christmas, Kirby, Ace, and Princess. Eventually it became the Princess Palace, but then she decided she liked sleeping on my bed more than in the crate (yeah I'm a sucker for a pretty face, plus I have a queen size bed). The crate became a little disused until I rearranged my room and put it at the foot of my bed instead of beside it. It has now become the Doggy Den, and every dog awaits their opportunity to spend time in the Den. Even Yukon has decided he likes the Den and has spent time lounging in it. It is almost like a parade, as one dog gets up, another goes and claims it. Freya has been in possession of the Den the most, and spends many hours burying her milk bones in it and guarding them from all comers.

On a side note, both Freya and Samantha have fully healed with no infections. Thank goodness for antiseptic spray for dogs! That and spray on bandages are essential in my home. Princess' toe is still a bit sore, but she is almost completely recovered as well, but now she is blowing her winter coat along with all the other dogs. So, it is snowing husky hair at our house. Too bad you can't sled in it!

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