Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28th Drawbacks and Advances

One drawback to the electric fence has reared its paw to us. Two puppies have decided it is too risky to pee outside and one has decided it is okay to poop on the deck instead of in the yard... sigh. It was three pups, but I've reconditioned one that it is okay to be in the yard. On to the other two when I can catch them.

On a better note, though, we have had no breakouts since (knock on wood), and Samantha is back to her happy self and there is quite a bit less tension between her and Freya (sigh of relief, but still on our guard). Seems being on a tether is very stressful for her, much, much more so than the threat of the electric fence. It only took her once to get the idea that the wire was bad, and she has avoided it ever since.

Buck was our worry last week (again). Not sure how he hurt his foot, but inbetween the first and second toe of his right rear, he hurt himself, and topical antiseptics were not helping. We ended up taking him to the vet for some antibiotics and some anti-inflammatory/pain medication Friday. By Sunday night the redness and swelling had gone down, and it was apparent he was on the road to recovery. He seems to be our injury prone boy, poor guy.

Saturday we took Samantha in for DHLPP booster and Freya for 3 yr rabies and DHLPP. Samantha was acting oddly skittish which is highly unusual for her. Normally she loves all people, and when Jim takes her to the college, she does fine with crowds... odd... Freya on the other hand, though a bit shy was tremendously mellow! What a change she has made from the frightened pup that first came to us! I was very proud that she didn't try to hide from the vet or the tech, and endured it all with only a stiff posture and wide eyes. Last trip to the vet was a struggle to keep her still and not trying to hide under or behind everything in the room. Also in the waiting room, she kept calm and still, sitting by me and not reacting to the very large black GSD that was barely under the owner's control that was posturing at her. That could have been very ugly had she decided to return the aggressive posture. The dog was twice as strong as the owner, it was pretty obvious who was in control. I'm so glad I took so much time walking, socializing and leash training Freya! She is just one fabulous dog!

Princess spent a lot of time with me just cuddling and watching TV when I finished my outdoor chores. She actually watches what is going on in the strange moving picture on the wall, unlike the other dogs. Sometimes she even smiles at the TV, and I wonder how much she really understands.

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