Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30th Learning to Stack

At our class last night, Princess learned to stand on bricks and tolerate me moving her legs around. She did great, picking up on what I wanted her to do, even though she didn't like it. Once I got her in position, though, she held it like a champ. That girl will do almost anything for a piece of hotdog. She will also show me her displeasure at having to stand on bricks though. Each time I took her off the bricks, walked her around in a circle then came back to them, she'd put on the "oh hell no!" brakes. Good thing I'm in charge and able to coerce her to cooperate. She won't climb on the bricks herself, but once up there, she'll stand perfectly still and not move her feet once I've placed them. She's such a happy good-natured girl! I'm so proud of her.

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