Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 19th

May 19
Samantha jumped on the bed when she heard my alarm go off. I doubt there is a day when I will be able to sleep through the alarm, lol. Spent a few minutes petting Freya, she is such a loving pup when she is in the house. Samantha got more than her fair share of morning luvins. G’kar was whining outside the door for about 40 minutes before the alarm… sigh… I want to open the door and squirt him in the face with the waterbottle, but repress the urge. Valkrys wakes just as I finish dressing and I pet her and hug her gently. Her legs don’t work as well as they used to, so I’m careful not to put too much strain on her balance, yet hug her enough to let her know I still care very much for her.

I let the dogs out the back door, and the boys are overjoyed to see me again. They fill me with warmth, even as they make my face cold and wet with their tongues. I try to pet them all as I sit down on the rug we have on the enclosed porch for them to sleep on. The porch has a door on one side, but the other is open for them to freely go in and out of, and instead of sleeping in the doghouses, they like to sleep on the porch. Which is fine by me.

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